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July 29, 2011

I saw many genre of movies since I got back earlier this month. Most of them are movies that were released this year. Thus I felt like doing a little movie review thing for a post. Just for fun.

  • True Grit: I'm never really a Western fan. But after I cautiously decided to try this movie, I felt I really liked it. It has a Western setting, but every character in the movie is truly very well-developed and is not stereotypical at all. I loved Mattie's stubbornness, Cogburn's old/arrogant/drunk/true grit, LaBoeuf's (awesomeness overall because it's Matt Damon!!!), Tom Chaney's dark craziness, Lucky' awesome pants. The costume design is also really great. The directing by the Coen brothers is fantastic as usual. It is definitely a movie I recommend and I'm hoping to watch it again with my family.
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2: How can one NOT love an awesome HP finale?! Priya and I had HP movie marathon right before going to the theater to see the midnight show. Now I can finally proudly say that I've gone to a midnight show and IT WAS HARRY POTTER! It was definitely the best HP movie ever made. And its quality is not just above average HP movie qualities, it is crazy good and should be nominated for awards. There are so many proud moments in this movie/book! Some of my favorites include: when Mrs Weasley curses and kills Bellatrix (such an awesome character HBC has portrayed as well!), when Neville killed Nagini, and when Prof. McGonagall said that she had always wanted to use that spell (to call out the knights to protect Hogwarts). Its plot is closely adjacent to the one in the book, and the way it was shot was fantastic. I will also watch this and the Part 1 movie again together with my mom since I've been giving her HP speeches since I was little and she loves Dobby.
  • I also remembered to finally watch Reservoir Dogs (b/c I'm a die-hard Quentin fan and a Tim Roth fan.) Just like all the other Tarantino films, it used non-linear narration and I loved it. (It is definitely very...bloody.) All the characters are very well portrayed esp. Mr White (Harvey Keitel), Mr Pink (Steve Buscemi), Mr Blonde (Michael Madsen, also in Kill Bill), and Mr Orange (Tim Roth, also in Pulp Fiction). If you are a Quentin fan, you probably have already seen this. But if you are not, watch it.
  • Source Code: Surprisingly good. Well...Jake Gyllenhaal is like super hot so...Yeah. I thought it would be another big budget crazy storyline movie but it turned out to be great. (Well I kinda did not like the parallel universe thing b/c it was also in Fringe which confused me...) But other than that, it's a carefully and well made movie. Watch it if you wanna get smitten by Jake again. :P
  • Unknown: Heh. It definitely has some of my favorite actors in it - January Jones, Diane Kruger, and Liam Neeson. And it has a relatively decent storyline that kept you guessing. But to be, the action scenes are distracting and didn't do much good for the movie's own excitement. Surely you can watch it for fun though.
  • The Adjustment Bureau: The story and the weird religious thing kinda suck. But Matt Damon and Emily Blunt show awesomeamazingfantastic chemistry. (Well I've always been a Damon fan. And it made me want to watch more movies by Blunt.) Yeah. I don't know why author wrote this book in the first place. The belief in one can control his own fate? I'm not a religious person so I don't wanna judge. But again, the two leads made the movie worth it.

By the way, I also wanted to talk about some other stuff that I've been wanting to watch/watching.
  • Boardwalk Empire: all the awards it gets make me wanna watch it. And I first perceived it kinda similarly to Mad Men. It also has the crazy good costume design and the convincing performance by the leads (I started watching after seeing Buscemi in Reservoir Dogs). It's definitely something you should try. Especially if you love Mad Men and excitement.
  • Ha, I can't believe I want to see Cowboys & Aliens. WTH? I'll tell you how I think after I've seen it.
  • Jane Eyre will be released on DVD soon and I really want to see it. (Can you believe that I've never read it?) I already downloaded it on my Kindle and I will read it as soon as I finish No Impact Man. Gosh boring environmentally inspired books!! I'm so glad the author isn't too boring. But anyway. After I finish reading Jane Eyre, the DVD will probably be out so I can watch it. It had a limited release in theaters so not many people have seen it. But I heard Mia W*****************'s and Michael Fassbender's performances are great but St. John Rivers' actor choice wasn't the best. But I just wanna see it because it's, well, Jane Eyre.
  • I also kinda lost interest in big budget comic hero stereotypical movies. Gimme some motivation please.


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