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July 16, 2014

Madewell screams ME lately. You can check out all 24 looks on their website. I am very excited to style boyfriend jeans (Gap is also making some nice ones, order your normal size in most of them) this fall. I will soften up the look with a feminine sweater seen above or create a total boyish look with white sneakers and boxy jackets.

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April 14, 2014

Spoilers! Spoilers! & Mixed feelings...



April 8, 2014

...in detail! Stop reading if you don't want spoilers. But for anyone who doesn't care to watch this show...this could be quite entertaining.



March 31, 2014

I am a big fan of Nicolas Jaar's various projects (one of my favorite albums of all time: Space Is Only Noise Spotify link here). #1 and #2 are both his work.

1. Just Friends = Nicolas Jaar + Sasha Spielberg. You can listen to the track legally here (in Issue 31).

2. Darkside is another one of Nicolas Jaar's projects. Here's the group forming a track from Darkside's debut album Psychic (listen here; "Paper Trails" is my favorite track.)

3. I mentioned The War On Drugs last time, so I thought this would be a good time to share a track. Plus, it's downloadable!

4. I really love Cage the Elephant's "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked" (Spotify link; YouTube link) because it has super cool lyrics. This song is more melancholic though (totally unrelated too...)

5. Saved my favorite band for last! The Black Keys' new album Turn Blue out May 13th. You can also listen to this track on Spotify. (This isn't a music video btw.)



March 29, 2014

Two-nic. Haha, get it? :D XD

So, the temperature is climbing to upper 70s lower 80s next week in Columbia. It may leave you wondering...dafuq? I know. Me too. I've been eye-ing this gorgeous tunic from Madewell ever since it appeared on Erin Wasson in the label's spring lookbook. It's super airy, super chill, super gorgeous, AND anti-foodbaby. So today, I thought of TU ways to work this into my (dream) wardrobe.

Outfit a gauche: hangout by seaside and show some legs with a pair of boyfriend shorts. How cute are those Nicholas Kirkwood sandals?! Wear a black bikini of sorts underneath the top and have a couple of thin delicate ornaments around your neck and chest. Carry the rest of your stuff in a Chloe Marcie, which I actually own out of all the things I pick for these damn outfits.

Outfit a droite: city dwellers and office workers of the creative kind can half-tuck this tunic in some cropped white jeans or a pair of long relaxed boyfriend jeans that hit the ground. Equally relaxed are these Birkenstocks which I love more than the 'Arizona' style that is worn by every blogger ever existed. Carry a large sophisticated Coach Borough bag which is quite impressive (so is the price). Add some fun to the outfit by wearing this very pretty J.Crew scarf.

I have some TUnes picked out for tomorrow. Stay TUned.

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March 23, 2014

One fourth of the year is almost gone and it's still freezing in the mornings. But nothing stops me from dreaming about spring. Not even you, the 2048 game! In the bare hours when I'm not completely addicted to 2048 (both the original and the doge editions), I made these two lewks for a warm (and colorful) welcome to this impending season, whenever it decides to show.  

Lewk #1 features my favorite pants among all the J.Crew new arrivals from January to April. I thought the print is very "tropical greenery overload but still not excessive because it's all the same color." They're suitable for all seasons if you think about it and that's a good thing if I have to shell out $200 for them. So, I started from there and suddenly this H&M top came to my mind. It's sort of genius to pair them together, because the pants are somewhat "smart" and conservative, yet the top is so bohemian and free. To tone down the sexiness of the top (bare shoulder AND bare abs? Can't leave the house like that!), I thought it's time to add a panama hat. Hats are never out of style even though most of them look ridiculous on me. And I'm not kidding. My head is not built for hats. I know the hat doesn't cover up any more skin than the top does, but theoretically, I could take off the hat and cover it on my belly. The lovely green pants are cropped  thus the Opening Ceremony ankle-strap sandals. I really love the breathability of the heels which can make you look like you're levitating from afar. Lastly I thought, why not adding more colors?! The classic red Coach mini Borough bag is perfect if you want to hold it by its handles or use it as a crossbody. Versatility is everything.

Again, H&M velvet top, J.Crew Panama hat, J.Crew Collection cropped pant in photo lace, Opening Ceremony sandals, Coach mini Borough bag.

Lewk #2 is constructed around my love for oversized shirt worn as a dress and shades of army green. This top is from Zara and there are many designer dupes by brands like that. I think I first fell in love with a perfect oversized shirt when sighting a very clean white one on a Balenciaga runway. I never liked green until recently, when I randomly started appreciating the richer hues or those tan safari colors that are very earthy (like this cami in "safari fatigue"). Because I'm short, I would definitely wear the shirt-dress with something with heels. I wouldn't button the shirt up all the way though. I think that kind of styling works better on models. I would wear it open sorta like a beach coverup, with a long delicate necklace. On my neck I'd use this bandana as a neckerchief. And that cuff sorta matches with it even though I'm not one that do matching, so I'll say, it resonates with the neck actions. Again I picked a Coach bag.

Zara shirt, Tabitha Simmons sandals, J.Crew necklace and cuff, Madewell camo bandana, Coach Bleecker mini.

If I remember correctly, there were some amazing desert-inspired nail polishes by Dior from a couple of years ago that would do great with my new color cravings. Unfortunately they were limited edition.

Seriously though, where's a 2048 rehab?

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March 22, 2014

Going completely indie with this week's tunes. Sadly, there hasn't been enough albums released this year for me to really love. OK I do love The War on Drugs' Lost in the Dream, that's about it! So no mixes for now. But hey, The Black Keys is releasing a new song called "Fever" on Monday! (New album Turn Blue out on May 13th.)

1. Starting with something upbeat...discovered this on Pitchfork's app when I was having insomnia one night.


3. Good mix of indie folk and house.

4. Ben Frost gathers Greg Fox (former black metal drummer), Thor Harris (yes there's a real person named Thor), and Shahzad Ismaily (percussionist with a master's in biochemistry wut) to create this pure bliss.

5. The Mac DeMarco we all know and love.

Catching up on some personal stuff. After not talking to my senior thesis director for like 2 months, I finally wrote a really lengthy long-overdue email! I pretty much read a book of a collection of essays related to my potential topic and told him my thoughts on it. Composing the email itself was a good process to sort out which specific angle I am going to take on this topic. I have some general ideas now. Yay! The thesis proposal is due in 5 weeks...

I am really enjoying drawing right now and my teacher is the best ever. He's super talented, inspirational, and laid-back. Just a good role model in general. I have learned a lot in his class about both doing art and living life. I'm doing some casual sketches when I'm bored and maybe one day I'll post some on here.

I also have another paper due for art & anatomy in 3 weeks...which I'll start this weekend. And my personal statement for school application needs to be done...So much stuff to write!

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