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April 14, 2014

Spoilers! Spoilers! & Mixed feelings...

JOFFREY'S DEAD!!!!! Still doesn't justify the red wedding though. But that was some amazing acting in that agonizing death. While I am happy about his death, the whole wedding had been hard to watch with Joffrey's repeated harassment towards Tyrion. The entire scene is like a cliche moral story for kids. But it was made interesting by all the side chitchats and eyeballing.
  • Lady Olenna, the most badass of all, sent her condolences to Sansa and that was sort of a foreshadowing of what happened in this episode. 
  • There was Jaime's conversation with Loras and Loras snapped back. (Tyrells are on fire apparently.)
  • Cersei taking none of Pycelle's shit.
  • My current favorite person Oberyn and Ellaria saying hello to Tywin and Cersei and being super witty. Elleria's outfit though, GLAM.
  • Oberyn looking at Loras with sex vibes while Ellaria feeding him some pie.
  • Zoom-ins of Varys, Olenna, Sansa, Oberyn's collective this-groom-is-lame face throughout the wedding. And Margaery's efforts to divert everyone's attention from Joffrey ridiculing Tyrion.
  • Ser Dontos-turned-fool secretly saving Sansa - did she leave with him?
  • Sansa actually feeling bad for Tyrion since she went to pick up the cup that Joffrey asked him to pick up.
  • Jonsi and co. (aka Sigur Ros aka for all who don't know, an icelandic band)'s cameo appearance as the boring musicians Joffrey threw all the coins at.
  • I mean, I do feel bad for Cersei for losing her son. But she's becoming as mental lately. Just look at how bitter she is around everyone now that she's not the queen regent any more and her son won't listen to her. 
The one reason I'm not totally happy about Joffrey's death is that now Tyrion is gonna be imprisoned! I guess bad people can't go down without taking some good people with them. The most interesting question of all, though, is who poisoned Joffrey? It was cool to see the camera kept zooming in on the people I mentioned above, as they all can be potential suspects. Tyrion hates Joffrey, but he wouldn't be foolish enough to poison him in public. Especially after all the humiliations he just received, he would become a major suspect, which he did, at least according to Cersei. Lady Olenna could be a good suspect since she's sitting right next to Margaery aka has access to the cup I guess. That's who I'd be betting on. But then even though now Margaery is on the throne, she doesn't have a child yet with Joffrey. How long would she rule? It could also be Oberyn, since he hates the Lannisters and has been grinning all along. But he sits kinda far away. It could also be Varys. What do you think?

I think we also said our goodbye to Shae...it was heart-breaking to watch too because you could tell Tyrion really meant/didn't want to say what he said to her to make her go away. :(

At dragonstone, from the look of it, I've always felt that Stannis himself doesn't really believe in the god of light. But he wants to be on the iron throne so bad and his only way to get it is Melisandre so he does as she says. While his wife actually believes in the red woman....and his wife is all sorts of crazy even hating their daughter because herself couldn't give birth to a live son. Talking about dysfunctional families...

In the north, now Roose Bolton is searching for the two Stark babies...and Bran is seeing the future! Go Bran!

I also watched next episode's preview. Tyrion is gonna be imprisoned and there's Sansa running in the tiny roads of Kingslanding in that black hooded cape with someone who looks like Ser Dontos. It also features Margaery discussing her position with Olenna, Stannis not listening to Davos as always, Dany at Meereen, Jon Snow, and those cannibalistic wildlings. Now onto another week of waiting...


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