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April 8, 2014

...in detail! Stop reading if you don't want spoilers. But for anyone who doesn't care to watch this show...this could be quite entertaining.

 The sword-melting&forging pre-opening-sequence scene was pretty great. Especially considering this and the last scene make up the "Two Swords" from the Starks...I've always liked Tywin as a character since he appeared in person. Like, he's pretty much the most feared person in the Seven Kingdoms right now. Even though he's terrible, he's pretty much the opposite on the intelligence spectrum comparing to his grandson on the petty throne. (Except he never figured out Arya ha!) There's something about how calm and calculating he always is...I watched the preview of the next episode and heard something about an idle threat of his? This is getting interesting...

In King's Landing, usual updates on 1. summertime-sadness-status-forever Sansa, 2. unhappy couple Tyrion + Shae, 3. waiting-to-get-hitched Tyrells, 4. Joffrey being a bitch. Interesting things only happened to the newly-in-town's. LET'S TALK ABOUT JAIME'S NEW HAND. My favorite moment of this episode was definitely Jaime waving that hand when the dude who made it who's also Cersei's newest consultant apparently(?) leaves. He's so derpy and I love it. Even though every Lannister (and Brienne) is "a miserable pain in his ass" recently, he's not losing his humor. I'm very excited to see what he does next.

CAN WE ALSO TALK ABOUT OBERYN OBERYN oberyn Oberyn Oberyn. What an entrance!!! The amount of swag (yes I used it -.- OK, I never use that word but Dornish ppl pretty much speak swaghili DID YOU HEAR HIM PRONOUNCING Targaryen?!) in that character is unleveled. The walk, the face, the sexuality, the hot-headedness, EVERYTHING. So, obviously I can't wait to see him fuck everyone up. (And Tyrion trying to prevent it, obvs.)

In the Riverlands (or are they out of there now?), the Hound and Arya had THE scene of the episode (besides Oberyn's presence). I could watch The Adventures of Arya and The Hound ALL DAY. Their little chit chats, the very nicely done conversation with that jerk in the cabin with perfectly timed silences, the fight scene, and how cold was Arya?! This girl's got huge potentials y'all.

North of the wall, updates on the wildlings and Tormund met another wildling group with cannibalistic tendencies. It's interesting to see two free folk groups not being so nice to each other, considering they are actually enemies, but now just united to fight under Mance Rayder. At the wall, Jon Snow was being sassy which I like. I ALSO POSTULATE that Jon Snow is actually the bastard of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark who died in the rebellion and Ned took Jon in as a son because of his love for his sister and took little Jon home with him. But this had to be kept a secret because obviously people (cue, the Martells, etc) would want Jon dead and he could've sorta had a claim to the throne. But he looks like Ned's sister aka he looks like Ned so he can pass for his son. But obviously now no one knows this...idk how Mr Martin is planning on revealing Jon's parents though.

Across the sea, Ms. Dany obviously needs to watch How To Train Your Dragon and the new Daario is not as hot. So, boring stuff there.

I think I covered everything?

I look forward to see what Little Finger is up to (I got House Baelish in a GoT quiz...), and Bran (I saw him in next episode's preview), and maybe Theon and/or Stannis/red woman...


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