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March 22, 2014

Going completely indie with this week's tunes. Sadly, there hasn't been enough albums released this year for me to really love. OK I do love The War on Drugs' Lost in the Dream, that's about it! So no mixes for now. But hey, The Black Keys is releasing a new song called "Fever" on Monday! (New album Turn Blue out on May 13th.)

1. Starting with something upbeat...discovered this on Pitchfork's app when I was having insomnia one night.


3. Good mix of indie folk and house.

4. Ben Frost gathers Greg Fox (former black metal drummer), Thor Harris (yes there's a real person named Thor), and Shahzad Ismaily (percussionist with a master's in biochemistry wut) to create this pure bliss.

5. The Mac DeMarco we all know and love.

Catching up on some personal stuff. After not talking to my senior thesis director for like 2 months, I finally wrote a really lengthy long-overdue email! I pretty much read a book of a collection of essays related to my potential topic and told him my thoughts on it. Composing the email itself was a good process to sort out which specific angle I am going to take on this topic. I have some general ideas now. Yay! The thesis proposal is due in 5 weeks...

I am really enjoying drawing right now and my teacher is the best ever. He's super talented, inspirational, and laid-back. Just a good role model in general. I have learned a lot in his class about both doing art and living life. I'm doing some casual sketches when I'm bored and maybe one day I'll post some on here.

I also have another paper due for art & anatomy in 3 weeks...which I'll start this weekend. And my personal statement for school application needs to be done...So much stuff to write!

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