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January 14, 2012


 Left hand

Right hand

I didn't take home my camera so these are low quality iPod pictures. These two are some gorgeous Sephora by OPI minis Steph gave me! You can see the first one is a muted+light lavender color. And the second one is a super shimmery/shiny platinum silver. I actually have both of these on my nails right now! :D  I had these fingernails painted 6 days ago and it's still going strong (ish)! You can kinda see how my pointy finger's tips are kinda worn. So I'm thinking about repainting this hand today or tomorrow with some other color. I painted my left hand 4 days ago and they still look perfect!!! :O But be noted that I did a top coat for this hand. So I guess I should expect it to last longer.

I would do a polish post for Priya's Christmas gifts too, except the glitter polish is too hard to clean off that I don't wanna paint all five nails completely in that polish. LOL. Those burgundy colors that I have on my toes right now are absolutely gorgeous. BUT, I'm not gonna take a picture of my feet cuz that's disgusting.

I'm thinking about buying some styling products because my hair usually falls flat and ugly. Because of my awesome Asian gene, it is always shiny and all, but I don't want it to be stuck on my scalp all the time. And winter time makes it SPAZZZZZzzzzZZZ like crazy and becomes superginormously static after half a day. So I'm looking for a hair mask that fixes this and a spray/gel/whateverproductittakesformyhairtoleavemyface to put on before blow-drying. But all the good products are kinda expensive. Any suggestions?

Today's song!

Blue Jeans - Lana Del Rey

This new girl definitely has a beautiful voice. I love how she switches between her two voices. It's great. Can't wait until her new album comes out later this month!

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