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February 1, 2012

Oh god. Here is the awkward lipstick swatch post. To my best friends, I've been a lipstick junkie recently because of my inability to stop checking out lipsticks in every makeup shop that I see in person or online and to accept the possibility of using lip gloss for more natural looks. Anyway. I don't like lip gloss because of its sticky factor. If it's a lip gloss, it MUST be sticky. If it's not sticky, it is probably not a lip gloss any more. Even though I am addicted to viewing/buying lipsticks, I really don't have all that many because of my excellent ability of restraining myself from unnecessary purchases. But I do have three essential colors - nude, pink, and red.

Of course, the first picture is of my natural lips & their colors. I'm Asian and I have been eating so my lips have a natural light red-ish pink color.

The lipstick is Lancome's Color Design lipstick in Natural Beauty. I don't remember when I acquired this lipstick but it's been a while. It's the nude lipstick that I currently use on a daily basis. The lipstick itself looks quite dark but I think that's why it works on people with naturally very much colored lips.

LOL random grin. Anyway. The formulation is quite creamy and I would say it's semi-full coverage. You can see it tones down the pinkness in my lips and adds a hint of beige. It is definitely a cream finish. However, because cream/matte nude lipsticks make me look sick, I added a little bit of clear lip gloss (OMG!) here. It goes quite well with my daily soft smokey eye looks and slightly tanned complexion. Maybe it's because the lipstick is so old, sometimes it doesn't apply very evenly. But I use the applicator for lip gloss to even it out a bit. I also reapply after eating because the lip gloss brings down the colors all together when eating. But itself has an OK staying power. Since it's so old, they probably have a better formula now anyway.

Next up, I have my pink lipstick - Covergirl LipPerfection in Enchantress (365). It's a very pink pink. Haha. You can(not) also see that it has many shimmering particles in the lipsticks that adds a lot of brightness during application.

See! It's quite bright & adds a lot of color to my lips comparing to the first picture. It is also semi-sheer I'd say, and it's not completely cream because of the shimmer it has in this particular one. But in the same line there are many others that doesn't have shimmers in it and may apply more smoothly, I don't know. I also think I really need lip liner because my lips look like they don't really have a definite shape in this picture...Oh well. The best thing about this particular lipstick is that the color lasts forever and is very hard to clean off! Because I always eat at random times during a day in college, I nearly have to reapply during the day.

Yay! This is my newest acquisition in my little lipstick collection - Rimmel London The Kate Collection in 12.  This is my favorite lipstick by far! It has a cute packaging that has Kate's signature on it! The ultimate fashion must-have hahaha. I was missing a classic red lipstick so I chose this one. This also happens to be the cheapest out of all three! (What?! Yes I bought it for 5$!) But I think #1 (the one Kate wears in the campaign) is too dark/mature looking for me. But this brighter one that has a coral-y tone works better for me. It's actually not as orange as the picture...but every time I try to take a picture of a red thing..it turns out orange.

Isn't the color lovely? It makes me look healthy and it is very moisturizing and creamy! My lips aren't dry at all by the time I take it off. However, the staying power isn't as good as the pink LipPerfection. But it is enough for me because I like to fix up every now and then. Like, I can go to three classes in the morning and it will still look great at lunch. But I reapply after lunch just in case. But what beats a well pigmented moisturizing lipstick?! Nothing! This is a must buy for everyone who needs lipsticks. After my nude one runs out, I will go get another one of these. :))

Now for some packing photos!

Once again, my favorite -

Annnndd I have this psych paper due tomorrow and I haven't even started...you know the drill.


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