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February 25, 2012

Right after I finished that last post...I checked Style.com...and all these new amazing shows were up. So much fashion, so little time. I think I'll try to comment less about the collections from now on (mainly because commenting takes time!!!)

Blumarine is completely futuristic. It doesn't quite fit in the scheme of things, but turned out I really really really like this collection. The show opened with giant neon fur coats with matching fluffy purses that I was afraid to put on here to blind everyone. And they are followed by all these amazingly sci-fi shiny outfits like trenches, rocker chic jacket+pants, and spaceman shoes. The holographic ones are extremely gorgeous as well. Bling bling!

This Iceberg collection is another modern chic that is quite "me", or what I picture I could be. The commentator on Style.com said, that this collection seems to be Balmain-lite. And I agree. Maybe it's because of this quality that made me really like this collection (since I'm a huge fan of Balmain) even though I usually dismiss their previous ones.

Albino is moving to Paris! After the slightly disappointing collection for spring (for me!), I've regained my faith in this really rather small collection. Nevertheless, the asymmetry, volume, and capes could easily be my favorite statement pieces in my closet if I could afford them. Don't overlook that seemingly common dress in the middle. It is a beauty.

Bottega Veneta is a little too groomy this season for my taste. I know it's all dark colors...but they could've made it more interesting. A lot of pieces are not really memorable & I also really miss how light their designs can look even in dark colors. However, there are a few pieces that I adore. For example, this first coat's little collar and dark navy color are really modern and cute. That last velvet dress with the puffy details at the waist are really rich and beautiful as well. But overall, I expect Tomas Maier to bring us "lighter" looking designs in the future.

Versace...I always don't know what to say about Versace. While it's another one of those "superbrands" that has not been my favorite all the time, there are many aspects of it that I actually really like. I like their staple items like studded leather things, and I have grown to like their most recent collections brought to us by Donatella. But it always takes a little time for me to start liking each collection. It's like, I've had my love/hate relationship with it. While I'm currently in the state of not really sure how I feel about the cross-shaped designs, I like all the shiny stuff in this collection! More bling!

*runway photos from Style.com


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