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March 29, 2012

You can tell I'm trying really hard to keep posting. But I do really really really want to share one of my favorite fashion bloggers of all time (& there aren't that many!), Leandra Medine, and her absolutely brilliant Man-Repelling techniques in dressing. She has created tons of amazing and unique outfits and many fun tutorials on layering (have I mentioned that before?). So, here are some of my favorite looks of her in 2012 (with the shiny-pants one from Dec. 2011 because I just couldn't resist!).

She also invented the concept of "Arm Party" where you wear tons of accessories on your arms. Here are some demos.

She designs the Mr Dannijo line for Dannijo, the jewelry designer. There were also a pair of flamingo flats she designed! (Can't remember where but you'll see it on her site.) One of my favorite things is her gigantic super amazing shoe collection which I absolutely envy. & Most importantly, check out her blog by clicking the link on the side bar of my blog!

*all photos taken from ManRepeller.com


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