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March 16, 2012

There has been tons of fun on the Colbert Report this week. Y'all shouldn't miss this.

First of all, there's Stephen talking to Robert the houseplant, because apparently Rick Santorum believes that you can tell a plant how dangerous carbon dioxide is. (Sadly, the plant already has a Obama 2012 sign on)

Next, this was from two days ago of Kermit the Frog promoting the upcoming The Muppets: 3D DVD release on March 30th (lmao he said it so many times I actually remembered the date...). Well originally, it was intended for Kermit, the Chief Swampland Political Analyst, to comment on the GOP primaries...(he was invited because you know, Newt Gingrich is...an amphibian-American XD "Do we all look alike to you???")

 Last but not least, there's the St. Paddy's day fun on the show yesterday. :)

 Well, he was like this too:

There's also one thing for The Daily Show...The "comedy helmet" originated in the claim by FOX News (of course) that comedians hide under their helmet or something to defend what their satire. The thing is...since when do comedians wear helmets? XD (This started b/c liberal comedians were satirizing conservative "entertainers" sticking with crazy peeps like Rush Limbaugh). So Will Ferrell wore his "comedy helmet" (aka baseball helmet) to the show...He actually looked legit in it but when Jon took it off and put it on his own head.....

Additionally, props to hulu for making their regular video size larger than before with dark backgrounds! Never have to adjust them again, :)

And you probably smiled. :)

Have a nice day.

*all photos prt-sc-ed when watching on hulu


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