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April 24, 2012

After seeing Eugenia's swatches of a-england Legend Collection and most importantly, spotting a coupon on her site, I purchased one bottle from this fairly new British brand. I originally wanted Saint George, a gorgeous deep holographic teal, but it was sold out when I had to purchase it before the coupon expired. So after careful consideration, I decided to get Princess Sabra, a pale gold-ish shade, as I am severely lacking good non-dark colors in my nail polish collection. After a little bit of waiting, it has finally arrived and I painted my already-bare nails immediately!

First of all, all European nail polishes are 3 Free. So I didn't have to wear my mask when I was painting them. LOL! After my mom heard that some chemicals in nail polish could cause leukemia (formaldehyde?), she made me wear a mask when I paint. A lot of the most recent nail polishes manufactured by OPI and Essie are free of these chemicals. But all the older versions and China Glaze polishes do contain them. However, European Union has a ban on non 3 Free polishes, so I get to paint my nails care-FREE! XD

Nothing out of my expectation here. The polish already looks amazingly gorgeous in the bottle.

It's hard to capture the true nature of this polish on my camera, but this picture presents a pretty decent view of the holographic effects of this polish - green, blue, gold, and orange. Pure beauty!

However, the holographic effects become barely visible from a distance. And the polish looks like a very subtle pale green-toned gold. To bring out the color of this polish better, I think I will try to paint it over a white polish like OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls (rich white) or Essie Navigate Her (soft pastel green).

As for the application process, this polish is one of the best that I've encountered. It flows really well and is not messy at all. I did not need to clean up at all even for my right hand (I'm right-handed). Here I applied 2 coats without base or top coats. It's super smooth to touch and dries fast too. I will probably purchase more from a-england!


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