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April 27, 2012

Both my Math and Econ finals are tomorrow...wish me luck! However, I HAD TO tune in to the Jack White live concert on YouTube tonight directed by Gary Oldman. It was roughly 100 minutes long with 2 parts. The first part featured all female band members and he dressed up in a suit. The second part featured all male band members and Jack White in his usual black sweater + black pants combo. Most of the songs were from his new solo album Blunderbuss (can you believe it? It's actually his first #1 album?!), but there were some of his old songs like "Seven Nation Army" (with The White Stripes) as well. The last song was "Goodnight, Irene", an old folk song. It was totally about me. :P There's also a preview video about this live experience if you are interested.

Here are some screenshots I took when I was watching. (LOL-ing at all the math practice exam pdfs I had opened in the browser + the Chinese facebook popup)

They were also giving out exclusive pictures taken by Gary Oldman. Here are two of my favorites!


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