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April 11, 2012

Happy "Want" Wednesday! After finishing up my crappy history paper at 8 this morning and writing my chemistry lab report minutes before it was due, I am bringing you some new finds from this past week. Some of the Zara items are out of stock because I actually wanted to post them last time when I was posting the heels. :( Zara never restocks so most of them are buy-it-or-miss-it. You can notice them as the ones that I don't have links to.

First of all, Zara's blazer in my favorite color! It's just plain awesome. And looks like its good for any season (when not cold)! Pair it with pastels, denim, or maybe as a formal wear. Those shorts are uber cute too.

 Zara jacket in ink blue $99.90 // Zara Combined Printed Shorts $59.90

Since I'm going to a wedding this summer, I've been looking at dresses that I can possibly wear there. And I came across this Zara dress that looks super cute. It's more of a casual summer dress I guess. But I'm loving the lacey details! (Oh btw, prolly wearing a dress that I've worn before to the wedding though...)

Zara Dress with Appliques and Lace Trim $99.90

I know I'm showing all Zara stuffs...but here's a little bit of divergence! Here are two pair of Zara pants/jeans and a pair of T by A Wang sweatpants that I'm really loving. Check out how awesome the dyed jeans are!!!!! Perfect for spring! A blogger that I follow, Carolina Engman of Fashion Squad, wore a similar pair of the printed pants. Tropical! :D Last but not least, Rumi Neely of Fashiontoast wore a similar pair of sweatpants a while ago when she paired them with a casual blazer. Yay for non-tacky ways of wearing sweatpants! But of course, they can be worn in super casual sleep-in looks as well.

I definitely need to buy more shorts for summer! These are two super cute pairs with crochet/lace details! Lovely.

 Zara Crochet Shorts (soldout) // Zara Embroidered Shorts  $59.90

Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller (link on the l) did another collaboration with Dannijo! Here are some super amazing eye-spy (:D) necklaces that I love. Too bad they cost more than all my clothes combined.

MR Dannijo Betty Davis $450.00 // MR Dannijo Leeloo $325.00

*all product pictures are from their online shops.

There are also nail polishes that I want, of course. I stole all the swatch photos from my (cyber)friend & amazing blogger Eugenia Ragas of ommorphia beauty bar (and cropped them a little). So, photo credit to her! But these are all from some new super amazing polish collections. Clockwise from top-left: Butter London Disco Biscuit, Butter London Knackered over a-england Camelot (black), OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, and OPI Just Spotted the Lizard (pretty much the same as Chanel Peridot).

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