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August 28, 2012

NYFW is just around the corner + I haven't done a legit fashion post since like..May?

I get a ton of new editorial/campaign photos from various fashion websites everyday and I usually check out most of them whenever I have time. But it is hard to come across one that I really really like. Most of them are either badly photographed, or generically styled, or just way too photoshopped for anyone to enjoy the actual fashion. Here is one of them that literally hit me like, "holy shizzle this is fantastic!" Elle France did what everyone else has been doing - Summer-Fall transition pieces. But this is no ordinary Summer-Fall transition piece. It is totally wearable, replicable, and most importantly, cool.

One must recognize the pattern-play trend that's ever so popular in the fashion world. If you ever go through Tommy Ton's street-style captures, especially during major fashion shows, you'll notice that there is a huge amount of intense coloring and pattern layering. Like this:

Layering of different patterns, colors, and materials is fun. And I totally love that. BUT, it becomes unrealistic when most of what we, the rest of the humans, get are boring, unoriginal, and un-chic patterns in most department stores, we should consider a tone-down version of pattern-play. And the styling in the photograph below is totally doable with the right accessories.

What Elle France exhibited does embody, at times, this doable and tone-down quality. Patterns in the photographs are simple and workable. And I'm digging the shit out of them. Yet, they keep some other high-fashion traits - eg that structured jacket. Tell me the last time you found a properly voluminous jacket at Macy's...

I am also a huge fan of boyish looks...and flats.....and argyle socks. The left is the definition of coolness - puffy hair, raised collars, and cuffed+pleated pants. Ultimately, the girl next door goes tomboy. While this is a darn-good example of easy style, the right seemingly gives more inspirations. What if I pull my socks over my skinny pants? What if my shoes don't "go" with the rest of the outfit? What if I add a little androgynous feel to it through a peplum top? All the possibilities. It's never about the entirety of your outfit. The key lies with the elements that stand out.

There's another trend that most people would not accept - wearing sneakers with formal clothing. The Man Repeller certainly went with it though. (Because she's not "most people", certainly..) It takes some courage to do it, to be honest. And I have yet to try it, with my grey+pink ones. I think I am at the phase of wearing Chuck Taylors with dresses/skirts. And that's the best I could do for now. Maybe my sneakers just lack that extra oomph...

Attention: head-gears are in town. It doesn't matter if its a turban (above), a fashion hat, or just a Nike cap, having accessories on your head = cool. I am not particularly a headwear kind of person, simply because it makes me look like a bobblehead. To everyone else who can make it work - DO IT! It really makes your look look polished (hehe). But keep in mind, wear what is least expected. For examples see below.

Beside all the things I pointed out, there are just so much more I like about this editorial. It is not necessarily the best editorial ever, but it is COOL, and it features the expected and the unexpected from a major fashion magazine. There are so many instances that make you realize all the recyclable items in your closet that can fire up your outfit into greatness, and that you don't have to be super rich to show your personality in your outfits. It all lies in how you want to make it work, how you can be the unexpected.

*disclaimer: I do NOT own any of these photographs. They are from Elle France, JAK & JIL, The Sartorialist, and The Man Repeller (see links on the left of the blog).

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