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August 15, 2012

It's is pretty much the end of summer. 'Bout time to do a "summarizing" photo post. (PUN INTENDED)

It was a rainy day at the wedding as I recall. Even though I took lots of out-door photos, only a few of them turned out OK. The location was really beautiful though. Oh, I also really love how the giant chandelier light photo turned out straight from the camera. The color is perfect!

And I most definitely attempted at a Chanel Couture mani.

There's this kind of fragranced flower called orchid cacti that blossoms only one night each year. Fortunately, over a dozen of them at my house bloomed for two nights all together. They are quite lovely.

It is pretty amazing how my little camera captured all these. I'm still delighted about that last photo...I thought it came out too bright with the flashes and all...

Lastly but not least, my overly adjusted photo of a whole bunch of these flowers. My front door isn't all that attractive. And I thought this effect was pretty cool!

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