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September 28, 2012

Of course I reserved a special post for my very favorite Dolce & Gabbana. ;) This collection is again inspired by Domenico Dolce's hometown in Sicily, and is filled with a very regional, folk, off-the-street-market feel. There are lots of prints and casual stripes accessorized with baskets and scarves (as headband).

As I recall, the past few seasons have the same formula of so-intensely-themed-it's-in-your-face - FW 2012 was baroque, SS 2012 was vegetables, FW 2011 was star-printed. And before that was the phase of lace. The duo has revolutionized their designs quite a bit. People criticize on their recent collections and say they are boring. But I very much like to object. I feel like, just like every other designer, they enter into different phases of styles. But when you look at brands like Dior and Chanel, they were created many many years ago and have had many creative directors. The companies have a central style they don't want to stray away from. But for Dolce & Gabbana, the duo are the creators of the brand, and they can take the brand wherever they want to. There's no "we-should-not-change-from-our-original-designs" kind of say. However, for example, Marc Jacobs also changed up Louis Vuitton quite a bit. It's only when these creative people revolutionize their designs that they generates new buyers while also taking our imagination to a new level.

Do allow me to post pretty much the whole collection on here...(actually no. There is supposed to be 88 looks. :P)

A collage of all the gorgeous details:

How can you call these...boring?!

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