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September 11, 2012

Brace yourselves...today's post is long.

Carolina Herrera

3.1 Phillip Lim

Mandy Coon (1) // Ohne Titel (2,3) // Wes Gordon (4)

Chris Benz (1,2) // Libertine (3)

Reem Acra (1,2,3,4) // Pamella Roland (5)

HINT HINT The best part of today starts here!!!

Ms. Donna Karan already put on an amazing show the day before with DKNY (see last post). But her main collection is just mind-blowing. The vampy-eyed models wore all these super feminine and light numbers with such a great spring palette. What a great way to breathe spring in yo face!

Donna Karan

And the show goes on with Mr. Olivier Theyskens. This collection features a similarly muted palette but with an edge. Perfect top+bottom combos everywhere. One of the highlights of the show is definitely the models' hair. PERFECT.

Theyskens' Theory

I watch the Marc Jacobs show every year simply because I know the man would put on a great show. Last season's fairytale fur-hat awesomeness seems to be yesterday! The live show was hosted by my very fav blogger, Leandra Medine, the Man Repeller herself. It was exciting and refreshing as the show was near end of the day. The show was set at this place with tons of mirror doors placed at the back, looking like a dance studio at first glance. And the fashion itself proves to be incredible optical illusions. The makeup and hair are inspired by model Ruby Jean Wilson's transformation channeling Edie Sedgwick's Andy Warhol's superstar coolness. In fact, Ruby Jean opened (in the white shirt with black stripes) and closed the show (B+W checked dress). Micky Mouse sweater was also super adorable.

Marc Jacobs

While I was admiring the geniusness of Marc Jacobs, there was a pleasant surprise from another guy. We'll end the day with Thom Browne's super fun and outrageous collection. It totally evolves my inner Gaga-ness. I love it so much.

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