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October 7, 2012

I don't know where to start. Maybe from when John Galliano got fired? No. It should start when I was totally in love with his Dior Couture collections. I still am. I think his Couture work at Dior is the most memorable, dramatic, classy, gorgeous, iconic, and simply the best among all couture shows recently. A couple of quick examples here:

Christian Dior Fall 2010 Couture // Christian Dior Spring 2011 Couture

His RTW line is acclaimed by critics and fans as well. But then he got himself fired. It was quite pathetic. And in Europe's situation, I doubt he's ever gonna come back. So after a couple of blah shows handled by the people at Dior, they finally hired Raf Simons, the acclaimed designer at Jil Sander. And then "Dior fans" started criticizing him ever since his debut Fall 2012 Couture show. So today after I saw the collection that I am about to post now, I went over to see what's going on with the Couture show. Is it really that bad? I mean, I did see the in-between Dior Couture shows, and it looked as if a design school student was trying to put together a Fendi-colored, pieced-random-fabrics-together collage while also failing at trying to recreate the shapes at Galliano's Couture shows. It just...wasn't Dior at all. The cubic head-gear was definitely more eye-catching than other things in the show. Except no high-end ladies would wear them because it'd make them look dumb. With that said, I went through all the looks at the Raf Simons-Couture show and felt like it wasn't the case. It wasn't badly pieced together crap. It features the signature Dior shape in many looks. But it definitely wasn't as revolutionary as Galliano's creations. And this Ready-To-Wear collection actually looks like an expansion of that Couture collection, which is saying something. It looks like that Raf Simons is bringing the House of Dior back to its roots without the extravaganza. This simple classy chic is what Simons is known for. And I think it looks great!

Trust me, y'all should go to Style.com to see how pretty these shiny futuristic materials look in motion. They are really un-photogenetic.

These black tee + full floral dresses are totally gorgeous. They are really wearable for normal people (who can afford these of course). They actually look like quite the comfy statement pieces to formal events. These outfits contain classic Dior flower motif...and doesn't that first dress look like it's on fire? So amazing.

This show also features really cool eye details on the models if you haven't noticed. They are really great considering the fact that the models are wearing rather simplistic-leading clothes. It's a great way to add an edge. But how can buyers transform this edge to their own outfits?

I think overall, it's a solid Dior collection. I especially love the improved suits and the simpler-looking pieces. But I do think there's room for improvements...such as dresses and short-to-medium lengthed skirts. Yet I am not getting all the hate from many others. It's really not that bad at all. And for those who say this isn't Dior: you have forgotten the original Dior and maybe blinded by Galliano's fabulous factors.

What do you think? Do you approve Raf Simons' debut Dior RTW collection?

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