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October 11, 2012

In celebration of Ellie Goulding's new album Halcyon...(since this is a long post...I suggest you click "play")

I love Isabel Marant, but her stuff are much prettier in reality instead of on the runway...

Isabel Marant

The forever-wild Vivienne Westwood...OH I especially wanted to mention that I SPOTTED A GIRL WHO WENT TO MY HIGH SCHOOL ON THIS RUNWAY!!! OMFG SHS REPRESENT! Too bad I didn't like the piece of clothing on her...

Vivienne Westwood

Tsumori Chisato

Issey Miyake (1,2) // Junya Watanabe

Anne Valerie Hash (1,2) // Cacharel

Veronique Leroy

Roland Mouret

MMM is totally cool. I'm really excited about their H&M collaboration since this runway show turned out well!

Maison Martin Margiela

Let me remind y'all that ALL of these things are made out of actual leather...with that being said, the designer totally claimed that you can wear these extremely thin blouses in summer...impressive!


Leave it to Jean Paul Gaultier to create a sexy show! I loved his work at Hermes. That used to be my favorite from Paris. (Christophe Lemaire isn't doing a bad job...it's just...it feels different.) Check out how JPG went back to Hermes' harness and bridles horsey heritage in the Spring 2011 RTW collection:

That is one of my favorite collections of all time out of all fashion collections. I did my French oral presentation for my IB certificate on that collection + Hermes history. Anyway. Here's a disection of the show for his own label this time:

Power suits...

Hot 20s dresses...

The "fun" stuff (aka I don't know what category this is...)

Sexy expensive hooker-wear...(I mean the string-like thingies. I'm sure we can all wear that dress in the middle)
Jean Paul Gaultier

If I have to pick, my favorite show in these two days (besides Haider Ackermann of course) is definitely Viktor & Rolf. The highlights of the show is the liquid metal-like fabric used in various forms. They are all really gorgeous and breathtaking. There are also these cute fuzzy materials that are more winterwear-like. But it's ok...

Viktor & Rolf

The shoes are amazing too!!! I especially love the one in the middle!!! So much shiny + statement!!

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