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July 6, 2013

I don't know about you guys, but recently, I found small shoulder bags most useful. I've been toting around my birthday gift from my lovely roomie -- an utterly adorable faux (I love this word, sounds so much more chic than "fake"...probably because it's French?) crocodile leather cross-body, perfectly sized for my phone, thin mints, lipstick, and some cash/plastic. I, for one, don't give/receive designer bags for gifts considering my and my friends' income level (income level = broke college students). But this little guy has proven to be uber handy, so much so that I don't even think about using the much more expensive actual tote my parents gave me. It's hands/shoulder-free, so you can be moving around doing useless stuff like 'gram-ing without it sliding off.

Given my recent circumstances -- thanks to Margaret (seriously, check out her blog. She's THAT amazing, and someone totally relatable. And Australian.), I've been considering taking advantage of this opportunity to get myself a treat. Pictured are my four best options after hours of looking through the site (#sorrynotsorry ?), and what's better are the imaginary personalities that I've made up for them.

Bag A is festival-chic. It's fits the current mood of music fests that're happening around the world featuring all these cool indie peeps. It's understated but also stands out among the crowd with the studs. Though, I wish there's a lighter (white/beige/dove) version of this.

Bag B on the other hand, is the coolest fashionista among these four, in my opinion, because it is a chameleon. You can go all adorable-chic without the shoulder strap, or give retro-modern vibes with it. The only thing about it (that bothers me) is that it's a teeny bit smaller than the rest...which are already pretty tiny themselves.

Bag C likes road-tripping through and through. It probably has traveled the most out of all. The horseshoe and lock details give it real characters, while the color selections are gorgeous (it also comes in "cashmere grey", "fresh mint", "rose milk", and like 3092578093904 other nice colors). However, this is the most expensive out of the bunch.

Bag D is totally badass. (It's also a cross-body but straps are not pictured.) It rides a bike going 90 mph and is not looking back. I didn't put so much thoughts on this one at first because of the quilted surface. I was hoping it could be smooth leather.

If you think about it, they're all quite simple (never a fan of hardware) yet somewhat retro. Since I can't have them all -- in words of Rebecca Black, "which one should I take?"


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