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September 10, 2013

I am aware of what I need, to the extent of Kanye knowing his "reputation", whatever that means.

Getting straight to the point here. This show has (almost) everything I'm currently seeing as my future key-elements in dressing - 1) simple palette composed of black&white&fifty shades, my favorite color blue (I used to dig cobalt, but now...you'll see), and maybe some other "dulled", washed out colors like dirty pink, if you haven't noticed my love for it already; 2) key pieces like non-bodycon non-boring skirts/shorts, menswear-inspired shirts, dressed-up sweatshirts, a badass attitude, and maybe, just maybe, some exposed mid-drifts when I'm all worked out which is never. In the end, the way I dress is the way I am - laid-back but put together. If this makes any sense to you, I'm looking for timeless looks with a whole lot of casual playful funzies, like rebel prep school girl.

More analysis ensues.

Nothing is more preppy than pleated skirts and collared shirts demonstrated here. But then, a true preppy person is not gonna wear these loose-fitting shirts. Pajama dressing is also super "in" right now. Perfect for me when I need to get to places and see people while feeling extremely lazy to pick out a different outfit than the one I'm already wearing. And I previously mentioned about my new blue:

Strategically placed "parental advisory" merges with the popular now-you-see-me-now-you-don't partial transparency, argyle (prep once again) sweater in its unbelievably chill form, outlined (continued from his previous runway) jackets:

THE weekender, supersized clutch (armpit-friendly ones that are good for grocery shopping), and patent chunky heels (though I wish there were more flat styles):

This collection also features understated self-advertising in the form of leather lasercut with tiny "Alexander Wang" all over - seen in overcoats, skirts, dresses, gloves, everything.

Fun fact, Alexander Wang and I share the same last name, and we also *kinda* look alike. I know, I just entered a hole new level of creepiness.

*Kanye at this show, second quote is from his song "Bound 2" in Yeezus
*all photos from Style.com


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