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February 17, 2014

J.Crew's collection is the only one that's close to accessible pour moi. Since at the end of the season a lot of "Collection items" go on huge sales (because average J.Crew "preppy/classy" buyers can't handle the awesomeness) and become affordable! I just wish a bigger J.Crew store is near me so I could get to see some collection pieces (and more clothes in general) in person before having to gamble with final sale...
Anyway. It's always colorful and put-together. I really adore the topcoats (forever functional) especially that floral one in the top row...and that colorblock furry one! I love every piece of  J.Crew knits even though I refuse to dry clean them. The shoes are incredible as well. It's the second collaboration between shoe designer Sophia Webster and J.Crew! (Though, J.Crew's shoes are insanely priced...) You can see some of my picks from the February J.Crew catalog in this post which includes some gorgeous shoes. All the floral stuff looks interesting too, but floral can be tricky so I'd have to see them in person to rule out tackiness.

You can check out the entire collection here. See some behind-the-scenes photos of this presentation on J.Crew's tumblr.


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