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March 15, 2014

Hey guys, I'm back from springbreak! In other words, I'll start posting again as my laptop screams in agony. I watched an hour-long Youtube video of how to disassemble a laptop and clean up the fan but eventually decided it's not for me. I mean, it looks totally doable. But I really don't want to mess up anything. At least not before I have it checked out by some professionals at first. Maybe it's time to let it go....

I love denim styles. I wear my men's (stressing, NOT my man's...but not like, multiple men...I mean, like a shirt designed for a dude! there we go...) chambray shirt like twice a week. My only southern-weather winter jacket is pretty much my 90s-but-not-actually-vintage denim jacket. I found these following ladies rocking some really interesting denims from various sites (thanks to Who What Where giving me a headstart.) I know the boyfriend jean trend has been going on for a while, but I can never really find good looking affordable pairs that work on me, a short, not super skinny person. It's always too baggy, not baggy enough, too much mom jean butt going on in the back, major camel toe in front, too tough to be comfortable which defeats the purpose of boyfriend jeans, among other failures. So I stick with my skinnies and painful marks on my lower abdomen. (I'm convinced they've planted themselves there for good.) So you see I've given up on this quest long ago. THOUGH, I just found some really good ones at J.Crew the other day!!! They're super soft, relaxed, and radiating cool-girl vibes.

The ones I tried on are the "Boyfriend jean in Ontario wash" (so friendly to your bottom half they're Canadian). They also have the Eastwood jean (here, and on Leandra here) which unfortunately was not in my store. The Ontario wash was SO SOFT. I've also heard good things about Madewell jeans (here, here, shorts, Chimala, Chimala).

So, I was inspired enough (cue green shimmering diamond on top of my head as in Sims) to create these two looks:

Outfit #1: Madewell leather vest, shirt; J.Crew boyfriend jeans in Ontario wash, pumps; Henri Bendel silk scarf worn as neckerchief.

Outfit #2: Madewell varsity jacket, tee, necklace; J.Crew Eastwood jean, pumps.

Lastly, I want to show y'all this:


LIJF;OADFIJLK Leandra made my week!!!! I was such a fangirl I couldn't fall asleep that night after I saw this. I've made it y'all. At least in the fashion world.

*Sources for all streatstyle photos
*Louis Vuitton runway photo from Style.com

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