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September 30, 2011

Today's song:

Metal Tiger - Extra Clasic (Spotify)

Continuing with my indie recs...:P

Staying up trying to get a ticket when they went on-demand last night had serious side-effects...aka almost falling asleep in an 8 AM bio class after skipping two days of it, having to take a nap before going to see bio prof in the afternoon, and uncountable yawns throughout the day. Curse you TicketReturn.com. If I had money, I would much prefer buying my own tickets instead of having to deal with you for every game.

Me who has the MOST school spirit of all finally bought a USC tee. I got all my previously owned USC merchandise for free...The color actually looks good on me which is surprising. (You know how I never own dark reds in my closet.) I'm also thinking about getting a pair of TOMS after getting paid yesterday! Except shipping fee is like...9 bucks. -.- But I might instead get a pair of rain boots first...Idk.

BUT I'M GOING SHOPPING THIS SUNDAY. IN CHARLESTON. They have a NORMAL Sephora (instead of a tiny one in JC Penny...*cough cough*), Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters! (QQ Y U NO have H&M.) I hope that will be a productive day. :P

Gotta sleep early today! So much to do over the weekend and the next week...

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