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November 19, 2011

Great day with a great story. Both Jen and I got student section tickets. I'm pretty sure we arrived before 12, but we almost didn't make into the stadium. The cops were closing the fence thing and we had to run to cross it! This one cop almost got me but I made my football move (LOL) and escaped. Poor girl behind me didn't make it. Jen was behind that girl but when that cop caught that girl, Jen made her football move and got in. :)) Anyway. We both brought our non-opened drink this time so we don't have to spend bijilion amount of money on drinks sold in the stadium. And we sat in the fourth roll in the student section! I didn't know how we got those seats after arriving a little late (they already played the national anthem and everything.) But it was pretty awesome. We could see the marching band , cheerleaders, Cocky, Sir Big Spurr, the flags, and pretty much everything. It was great weather too. I only needed my tshirt even though I wore a peacoat there...This was a great experience comparing to the Auburn game we went which we lost and it took forever. :\ Without further adieu, here are some pictures in chronological order!

 Cool cop on horseback

  Marching band! Where art thou, Daniel???

 Our team <3

 Our defense player got up after being checked out by doctors

 Flag guy! Touchdown!

 The school-spirit guy. He's the one that yells everything and then we follow him. Nice pants!

 Getting ready for half-time show. Military tribute! There were these planes flying across except I didn't have time to catch that. :\

Balloons in the USA flag colors!

 IT'S SIR BIG SPUUUURRRRR! He must be very annoyed at why people put him on that little pole and spin him around once a week.

 Connor Shaw! I love our seats...

Yay we won! GO GAMECOCKS!


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