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November 28, 2011

So, last night I was hanging out w/ Caroline and Amit in the library. And there was her really lolzy blog post/joke that I couldn't stop laughing at. It's so great. Bee sting to da face???

Since I have nothing better to do this afternoon *sarcasm*, I decided to post some interesting instances in life recently...

Most of them happened in chem bc our chem prof is so charming and funny...lol nerdy much?

He is kinda short. Like, I think he's probably 5' 7 or something. (I have bad estimation. Don't blame me.) So this one time in class, he was trying to explain some really easy b(r)eezy (reference to Caroline's post...) chem question to this girl who wouldn't shut up asking ridunkulous questions. And then the crowd started talking amongst ourselves. So he warned us that if we didn't stop talking, he would make the test next week really hard. And that same girl asked, "is there anyway we can undo that?" He says, "Praise me. Tell me I'm tall."

We were learning about thermochemistry and there was a chemical reaction that converts between graphite carbon and diamonds. You know, they are essentially the same thing. After we did the problem that showed that the process of diamond converting to graphite carbon is spontaneous (meaning it occurs naturally), the Dr says, "Guys, next time don't buy your girlfriend a diamond ring. Buy them a pencil. Because diamonds don't last forever. They will all eventually turn into pencils..."

To all of us, "Tell me you love me. Say it!" Us in sync, "I love you, Dr. Freeman." (That "say it" part reminds me of Twilight...always...)

All the football chants (of teams that he supports) that he made us to say in sync...

Using a 7 - 8 feet bamboo stick to point to the powerpoint...

All the instances where he "kills" Calvin/George and made us do chem problems to save them...aka, Calvin dying from a bad skin rash, George free falling in elevator shaft, Calvin falling on a rock and cannot breathe, blah blah blah...

None chemistry-related ones:

Movie night w/ Caroline, Caroline, and Amit. Caroline was calling her mom telling her that we were hanging out at her place. And I decided to introduce myself by saying, "I am Asian." I know I have the best lines. Always.

Same movie night. I especially wore my new pants since my fashion-forward friend was coming. "I wore pants because of Amit." It sounded worse on that night...

Same movie night. Caroline spraying perfume on all of our feet...

Lastly, my roomie and I were fangirl-ing over Connor Shaw on that Tuesday before heading back for Thanksgiving. We planned so many ways to creep on him...LOL. For example, creep on his study room in the library and take a picture outside of the study room with a peace sign; or trying to get close by saying that we were doing a football player related project that requires us to take pictures with all of them...Honestly, I think it was the Red Bull that made me hyper that day.

So. None of these came close to a bee sting. But I hope you enjoyed them.

By the way, I ordered a Christmas gift for my dad today online! He will receive it in two days I believe. He doesn't know about it yet. But I will post more updates once he gets it!

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