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November 26, 2011


Don't ever leave a holiday unblogged. It's been a week since I last blogged so I have lots to say....I would assume. But it's just been an (almost) wonderful holiday that I can't find anything really eventful/special to say. Maybe I can put up a laundry list of what I did. But seriously, that's like my past boring blogging style. One can always make fun of one's past, right? Anyway. Besides all the deadlines and not-getting-the-laptop-with-Beatsaudio-that-I-wanted, it's been a pretty great holiday. I can make a Black Friday haul post afterwards. But, enjoy your holiday by getting off my blog and go hang out with friends & family!! :P

I'll leave you with today's song (uber festive):

White Christmas (live) - Lady Gaga (Spotify)

It's officially Christmas season after Thanksgiving. So this song fits the occasion. Everyone should also check out A Very Gaga Thanksgiving on Youtube if you missed the live show on Thanksgiving. I'm sure there are a bunch of links for many of her live performances (Marry The Night, You And I, Born This Way, The Edge of Glory, etc) and other specials (cooking with Chef Art Smith, etc).

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