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December 5, 2011

To all who hates Lady Gaga and thinks that she's ugly,

First of all: fuck off.

You are probably no better looking than her, and I hope you don't think yourself is ugly. That would just be really sad. She's a very unique and strong human being and that's what makes her beautiful. She dresses her own way, unlike many people who dresses according to what others like. Those people have no personality. I cannot tell you how many people I've seen across campus that have exactly the same outfits. I don't think I would remember them at all. But for a few people that dresses differently and uniquely, they are truly expressing themselves. And nothing is better than knowing how to express your own unique characteristics.

I still do not understand why people say that she's a man. I mean, she looks very womanly to me. I don't know what you are talking about. Just because she is strong-willed, open-minded, pushes boundaries, sings beautifully, you think that she's a man? Do you know her? The chances are, you don't. And you probably would discriminate against all transgendered people if you express this in a negative way. And that is not right. You are a sexist. You may ask me how I know that she's a woman? I don't. She shows herself as a woman and I accept that. It doesn't matter if she's a man or a woman. She's a free human being and an artist to say the least. It's perfectly OK if you don't like her art, but you should never say that she's an ugly person.

And people say that all the out-of-the-box stuff she does is for fame. Sure, if you think that way. In that case, she is smart and knows how to sell herself to make money. And she has real talents in doing that. But I want to remind you, even if all she does are for fame and money, those things are good things that do not harm people. For all I know, she is really nice for us little monsters. She takes pictures with us, signs autographs, does things that we ask her to do upon meeting her. I'm pretty sure you have not seen how much she has done for us. And if you have seen and still thinks that she's ugly, I question your judgment. If a person spends so much time and energy to devote to her fans, I don't think anyone could do any better. She also fights for bullied kids and the entire LGBT community. And she inspires me to do the same. People say that she is over the top on these issues but I don't think so. Think about the time when you advertises for something that you really like and you believe in. She is just trying to change the world, like everyone else who have hope does. At least she changed me. She encouraged me to believe in myself and fight for what I think is right. There is never "too much" on advertising for things that you believe in when you don't harm other people. But when you bully others, like when you put really mean comments  that are untrue on other people's websites (which I observed), you are "too much" and you need to stop. People who do that are truly talentless and cannot live with other people being talented. You fail.

Lastly, I also saw people saying that she's a whore and talks about sex too much. I mean, whoever says this probably fucks around as well. Let's be honest here, who doesn't think about sex? LOL. At least she ONLY TALKS about sex a lot and that is perfectly fine to me. Unless you are super religious or something and think that sex is bad and kills people (LOL mean girls...), I think our first amendment protects our freedom of speech. To my knowledge, she has much fewer boyfriends/sex buddies than many other artists. I also admire that she doesn't disclose her personal life to the public. She only sells her art, not her life, unlike many untalented people whose art won't sell. *hint hint, some people whose name start with a K...*

Fuck off, bitches.

& Paws up, monsters.


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