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January 28, 2012

Only if anyone designed this when she was alive so she could wear it.

Yesterday, I finally hopped over and checked out all the couture shows for this season. I wasn't really going to do a post about it because I never do posts on shows. Among all the ingenuity and fascinating collections coming from super talented couture designers, I quickly identified Jean-Paul Gaultier's designs as my favorite. If you know me, I used to be a huge fan of Hermes when Gaultier was the creative director. His puts on a show with a vibe every time. I love other super creative designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney etc, but Gaultier's designs stand out in their unique ways every time. This time, Gaultier pays tribute to Amy Winehouse, one of my favorite singers ever, and takes her style as an inspiration. I also want to praise newcomer Giambattista Valli's (his second couture show) almost surprising showing, Karl Lagerfeld's (pretty much expected) outstanding collection, and Tisci's (the guy who I never click with) strange but haunting collection.

So, shall we begin? (I'm only showing a few staple items and my favorites, of course.)


the hair

the exaggerated cateye and mole

the colors

the man behind all this

And lastly but not least, the bridal veil

Yes. There are haters saying that this so-called homage is insensitive. But these famous fashion designers are not politicians. They design what they like, especially in these couture shows where the show and clothes are more like spectacles to most people. Couture shows provides a stage for creativity to blossom. And I believe this is just another admirer grieving the death of a style (and singing, of course) icon in his own way. It is very sensitive. Sure he makes money off of selling these clothes to the richest people, but this show also carries on her reminiscence to other Amy fans like me who are fashion lovers but can't afford these clothes. It is sensitive, delicate, yet radiant and iconic. Most importantly, it is a perfect combination of two of my favorite people - Jean-Paul Gaultier and Amy Winehouse.

I also feel sorry for papa Winehouse for bashing this collection. I see where he comes from. But if I were him, I would appreciate what everyone does to pay tribute to her, even though they might not do it the same way. Fashion is a strange thing that unites people and keeps others away. But I can't really say anything because it's her dad after all.

He Can Only Hold Her - Amy Winehouse

All fashion photos taken from style.com. Amy Winehouse' photos found on tumblr. 


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