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January 27, 2012

Please excuse my super dirty mirror (and my awkward hand placement). I didn't realize until after a couple of photographs the fact that I can clean it myself instead of waiting for the cleaning lady next week. I know this picture is slightly photoshop-ed (I actually used Picasa...but who says "I picasa-ed my photo"???), but I only did it to the color/contrast settings instead of fixing little details like dots of dirt on the mirror as I still have no clue about how to use Photoshop. Anyway. I really like this shirt I recently bought from StyleMint, one of those Mint-stores online created by MK+A Olsen.

The awkward side photo. The shirt's brightness is pretty accurately seen in this one instead of that first photo. But I like how the pop of color shows up in the first picture.

The hipster back photo. Hehe. Shooting this picture was pretty fun. I love how this shirt has a tight fit in the sleeves and until the bust, and a relatively loose fit on the tummy + back. No food babies can be seen.

The strange tuck-in photo. I just wanted to show that it looks great tucking into the pants if you feel like to. But I can't find a perfect bottom to go with it yet. So I guess...more shopping? :D I need like a leather/black mini skirt or something. Not bodycon. But like, not flared either.

The final front picture. Don't you just love the hem???

 And then, I remembered I also had photos taken on my iPod. Lulz. Time to show those as well.

 The envelope.

The inner envelope!

A pop of color.

So, enough of those amazing colors. I also took some pictures of my nails (don't I always???). Oh, and my fingers look worse on this photo than I noticed...maybe it's just me. Haha. The ones I used here are OPI Dulce De Leche and Nicole by OPI Brrr Brrr Burgundy (lol!). The burgundy color is a gift from Pri. 

I really love both of the colors as I put lots of considerations before purchasing each time. But one thing I have to say is that I don't know what's with the nude color but the formula seems to be thicker than my other OPI polishes. My other pink-ish nude and blue ones are both much thinner than this (not a bad thing) and easier to apply. Even though it's relatively easy to apply this one as well, it doesn't try very fast. After a while it looks dried and everything, and I go to sleep (here I'm talking about going to sleep an hour later after I see it has dried.) But I would wake up with marks on it, like patterns imprinted from my blanket or something. Anyway. It's not very visible from a distance since it's nude. But you can see it on the index finger in the second photo.

Anyway. What's up?

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