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February 9, 2012

...because I had a shit load of stuff to do this week. I'll skip this week and save some of it for next Wednesday...but I do have some photos to share today!

To start off, the product of retail therapy after Sunday's Superbowl! I swear this is not gonna be a beauty-product-only post! I swear! Skip the photos to go to non-makeup section!!!!! I bought this Coastal Scents Go Palette London on Amazon and I received it yesterday. I first heard of Coastal Scents through my friend Pri and then I saw the reviews Allison from Amarixe did and I was so impressed! The Go Palette series is especially created for traveling and all the palettes are named after and inspired by these cities. All of them are pretty much amazing. I thought London would be the first choice for me because it combines colors and dark neutrals.

These colors are so wearable on a daily basis and are very pigmented. I adore them! They look great on my skin tone and go with the outfits that I wear. Plus, they retails for just under 9 dollars! You can get them on Amazon with free shipping if you have Amazon Prime. I have a feeling that this is gonna last a long time. :) Yay.

Here are some iPhone photos I took with that purple shade that I wore today! (Well of course I used a couple of colors but you get the idea.) This is just plain awesome...:) I'll show some packing stuff on my Instagram Wednesday post next week.....

I won a giveaway at my beauty friend Eugenia's Ommorphia a few weeks ago! My prize was a Konad nail art kit! At first I wasn't really impressed by checking out their website and stuff. Cuz I'm all about using one polish (or two..) each time and get it done fast. But I'm thoroughly impressed with this kit after I experimented on it yesterday right after I received it in the mail from Canada! (LOL) In the kit, it gives you two plates of different designs, a stamp, a scraper, and some "special" polishes that are opaque (opaque ones work best in these situations..). So pretty much you cover the design you want on the plate with a polish, scrape off the excess so you only leave the polish in the grooves, stamp it to get it transferred to the "stamp", and then stamp your nail with it. It's actually quite simple and easy to learn. You just have to do it really fast because otherwise the polish dries and you don't get the design transferred well or at all. So here's a V Day nail art I did this afternoon!

The is not perfectly clear because my nails look gross using a high def picture. But you can see how cute the little hearts are! Even though I didn't level all of them evenly...but they are still cute! Love it! It does not take long to do if you just want to go with a simple design like this. I wouldn't have purchased something like this if I didn't win it, but I'm so excited about what I could do with it in the future!

So, you probably have known if you read my blog, I have had a hectic week. All these due dates and first exams in all classes...and worst of all, sickness. It makes me want to do nothing but lie in bed. :\ But I'm finally almost through with it. I only have a history paper and some readings due tomorrow which I'm gonna start after I'm done with this post. And then I get to go home this weekend and eat real Chinese food and be silly and do free laundry and do all these random crap. And most importantly, I get to download tons of shows/movies/music!!!!! =D Told you I needed to catch up with all the Oscar nominated movies before the awards come out! I also need to catch up with my favorite TV shows like TVD and White Collar. I will also experiment (lol I use this word too often now) on Game of Thrones! I saw some featurettes (<--  apparently this word is very American...random) on my iPod while working out. Looks awesome and intense! You know how I love the intense shows! I also need to catch up with the last SNL episode w/ Channing Tatum (yum)! Gotta love this weekend. :)

  • For a laugh, here's a post I reblogged on Tumblr that proves that Ryan Gosling is God himself.
  • NYFW officially kicked off today. AKA this whole month is gonna be fashion month. Who's excited?! I promise I won't post too many fashion posts!!!! Hahaha. :P
  • Gaga posted the first tour dates out of a total of 110 of Born This Way Ball!!! Except all of them are in  Asia and Australia/NZ. :\ Pray she comes here over the summer!
  • Oh and I'll finally have time to update my playlist this weekend! I have some amazing music to share. Stay tuned. =]

All photos taken by me.

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