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February 15, 2012

So I was trying to enjoy some Jennifer Hudson's tribute to Whitney Houston on Youtube. And these people wouldn't shut up commenting the same things, pretty much all dissing Jen's tribute and saying that this Charice girl should've done the tribute at Grammys. Not that I didn't know who she was. Oh btw, if you didn't know, she's this young Filipino singer (aka teen pop sensation? lol isn't that the word they use for all teen singers?) who also starred in Glee for a few episodes. She has an amazing and powerful voice, and of course, was then invited to sing by Oprah, Ellen Degeneres and other famous people.

People who went to see the video are divided in two groups in general. First, people like me who likes Jennifer Hudson and wants to hear her tribute. And then there are the other ones, who are pretty much purely there to promote their own interests such as saying how amazing this Charice girl is and at the same time polarizing the audience and giving completely untrue and unsupported claims of how Jen didn't do well at all. Teens? I think so.

Yes I'm still considered a teen as well, but sometimes, I just want to say that there are so many ridiculous and stupid people in the world that I feel embarrassed of their existence. Because of their stupid presence in everything, "teen" has become a shameful label for people in my age group. But the word itself only literally means people in their teens, not some Twilight-obsessed, Bieber-obsessed, and crazy ass people. And its the teen-power that made phrases like "Who Is Paul McCartney" trend nationwide.

With that said, I wanted to say that please do not discredit someone's whole-hearted tribute to someone who just passed away a few days ago. Not to mention that tribute was amazing. I also wanted to say that there is science in choosing who to perform the tribute, not just a random good singer. And note that I did not condescend Charice at all. She is a great singer. But they chose J Hud because she had known Whitney personally and was really inspired by Whitney, again, personally. She also had performed I Will Always Love You in front of Whitney a few years ago and it was amazing. And that was probably why they chose her. Charice can sing the same song really well, but first of all, she's a teen; secondly, Whitney didn't really know her; lastly, I'm sure J Hud is a much more accomplished and prominent singer. So, suck it up, kids.


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