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March 27, 2012

Yesterday I almost had a heart attack when I opened my blog and the little blue fishes (the highlight of my layout!) was replaced with an ugly picture saying "oops, this image has been deleted". A second later, I realized it was about time for me to get a new layout. Even though the fishes magically came back an hour later, I decided to get a new one anyway. At first, I was just go with the new blogger templates because all I wanted was just a simplistic layout. But those didn't work well and I couldn't edit the HTML codes to change up a bit (wtf blogger?!). Then there goes my search for a new layout. A found a couple of already coded simple ones and experimented with them. And voila! Here's my finished product after 2 more hours of coding. I used the fonts I like from some of my favorite bloggers. :) You like?

For this past week and half, there has been NO SHOWS in my queue on hulu. There wasn't any Daily Show or Colbert Report. There were some Late Night but I usually watch parts of them. No SNL. No Finder or Bones. All the other serious shows I watch are done. Blahhh. I honestly had nothing to do besides doing school-related stuff, which isn't much. :P (I confess...there was a math test on Wednesday...) So I pretty much spent most of my procrastination time, or, most of my time in general, to browse around on the Internet. Mostly online stores. (At least I didn't go back to my nail polish addiction...) And of course, I made some purchase. I bought Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream (finally!!!!) after I've been eying it for forever. It's not too expensive and I hope it works for my skin at least from spring-fall. Pretty much my major skin concern is that I don't want a shiny forehead or any acne that I get every once in a while, but my skin can be a little dry especially on the cheeks. Super excited to try it! It comes in a package with two other items in the Ultra Facial line for the same price. Amazing! I think the deal is gone by now...I also got a simple striped T-shirt from Zara! I love how Zara has many items that are made of natural unstaticy materials like cotton for T-shirts. They are also for a reasonable price.

Now, onto something related with the title of the post...Yesterday I also spent time procrastinating and picking out the Zara pieces I want from their current collections. :O Simple but ideal. My fav!

Zara makes the best coats and jackets. They are always of a perfect fit. I'm not particularly a blazer kind of person (because I look like I'm pretending to be older....blame my "baby" face?!). But besides the blazers, there are a couple of outerwear that I really adore. The one on the left is the most basic trench. My favorite detail is the flaps in the back! The middle leather jacket has STUDS! They are my fav man-repelling device (already spotted on my creamy leather bluchers!) :) I also love leather sleeve details like the parka on the right.

Double Breasted Raincoat // Leather Jacket With Studs // Safari Jacket With Leather Sleeves

The TRF (younger aka cheaper) collection's denim items are also my favorite. These light wash items are super casual but edgy at the same time. The sleeveless shirt on the left have the perfect lace details on the shoulders! The ombre shorts are amazing too. So chill!! One can easily pair this up with the leather jacket above and some jewelries to create an edgy look. =] Or just be laid back and wear a grey tee shown in the pic. The third is my fav item so far!!!!!!!!! Sleeveless coats are so in right now. The light wash denim also gives it a springy feel. =] Too bad there's no spring in Columbia. It's in the 80s errrrday already. :(

TRF Denim Shirt // TRF Denim Tie Dye Shorts // TRF Waist Coat

Talking about denim...colored jeans are also "in" this season. But I think it's always a hit-or-miss thing, especially for the neon & dark colored ones. One can easily overdone the entire outfit. To add more spring-like factors, the middle floral one would be a great option too. You can play dress up or dress down with them. I have also been wanting a pair of destroyed boyfriend jeans. Thus the option on the right.

Dyed Trousers With Zips // TRF Flower Print Trousers // Selvedge Studio Jeans

Once again, floral stuff are amazing for spring....and summer! The peplum skirt on the left is uber adorable. Not to mention the perfect floral shorts on the right! I would love to wear that matching shirt as well but it's made out of polyester...*static static*

Printed Frill Skirt // Flower Print Shorts

Besides these eye-popping items, there are also the basics. Here I present to you the amazing half-way transparent black skirt (and those boots!!!! ahhhh!!!!). Another edgy piece that I wish I could lay my hands on. (The thing is...I don't have anything to pair it with in my closet...) The shirt on the right is one that I'm planning on getting. It's a little bit long for my taste since I will always have most of it tucked in. But amazing nonetheless. I love light grey. :) It would work for colder days too when worn inside a statement-making jacket.

Sheath Skirt // Tank-T Shirt

There are so many gorgeous pairs of heels on Zara.com! But as a college student who walks for at least an hour a day, pretty heels are not the most ideal. I do know that it's not the season for boots but these are just awesome-looking. More studs! The sandal on the right is equally wearable. I'm currently looking for a pair of perfect & comfortable sandals. So...;)

Fashion Studded Ankle Boot // Strappy Sandal

The best part about all these things that I picked out is - they are all made out of mostly natural materials like cotton and leather! (Don't talk to me about animal rights plox!!!!!! Faux-leather has terrible qualities most of the time unless you buy the well made expensive brands.) They are super comfortable and will last you a long time. One thing I avoid when purchasing clothes - polyester. You can't wash it properly, it makes you static, and the fabric itself is just plain uncomfortable. Glad Zara offers these beauties at reasonable prices. :) With that said...I can't afford most of the above items since I'm a broke college gurl. But I believe most of the non-leather stuffs are priced at under $100 and the simple stuffs like t-shirts and that black skirt are under $30. I love Zara.

OH, the Streampad actually didn't work when I tried to put it on here...:\ I'll find something that works....

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