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April 15, 2012

First of all...it's officially coachella season (weekend 1: April 13th - 15th; weekend 2: April 20-22)! :D Click here to watch live streams on youtube!

My annual ritual of watching American Idol has now reduced to watching the performances starting usually around top 6-7. Especially since I'm a broke college gurl (remember?) without a TV in my room, I found the perfect way to reduce the annoying-ness to the min -> just watch the Youtube videos of all the singers! So today, I spent some time listening to all top 7 contestants and wrote some of my thoughts down based on what I heard!

Colton Dixon     8.5/10
Colton's great! I love that he shows good emotions and controls his voice really well. He doesn't have the best sound quality in his voice, but it's a complete great package for a rocker. My favorite song from him is "Love The Way You Lie".

Elise Testone     6.5/10
Elise's voice is a little rough, especially when she tries to change up the pitches. And it seems like she's been doing worse recently. But he could be a good rocker occasionally. My favorite song from her is "Whole Lotta Love".

Hollie Cavanagh     5.5/10
Despite the fact that Hollie has a nice voice, but I always feel like she's holding back. I am also not really sure if she is a good fit for any genre. Maybe pop-country? "Jesus Take The Wheel" was her best.

Jessica Sanchez     8.5/10
Jessica has a super powerful and amazing voice! It's probably the best out of all contestants. She can use it well too. One thing I feel she lacks is emotion. I don't feel as attached to her songs than Joshua and Colton. My favorite song from her is "Sweet Dreams".

Joshua Ledet     9/10
Joshua is amazing! He has a fantastic control of his voice. I really adore how he puts a show on the stage and shows a range of emotions. His pitch can come out a little bit of sharp at times when he's so into his song. But overall, he's my favorite. My favorite song from him is "You Pulled Me Through". (I had a hard time picking!)

OK. I love this one too:

Phillip Phillips     7.5/10
He has an OK voice, an OK range, and appears a little awkward at times both in his voice and his presence.  But he does a superb job in control and is completely devoured into his songs. I also love how he has a very defined genre. It's good for someone to know what he's doing. My favorite song from him is "Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)".

Skylar Laine     7/10
The only true country musician out of top 7. She has a good range and vocal quality. But she's severely karaoke and lacks emotion. And you know I don't like country...so no top song choice?

So a summery: I would like to see the following ranking (which never comes true because of the recently more and more crazy ass teen girl fanbase of Idol voters):
Joshua > Colton = Jessica > Phillip > Skylar > Elise > Hollie

For those who have been eliminated, I enjoyed DeAndre's voice and Heejun's last performance of "A Song For You":

Remember all of what I said are arbitrary and pretty much biased towards my taste! I'm no professional in any way since I pretty much can't sing. Overall though, I'm glad that at least it's not all country singers this year, and that there's an improvement of qualities from a few seasons back when pretty much everyone sucked. I'm excited to hear more!

What do you think?


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