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April 16, 2012

I never did a legit swatch for one of my favorite nail polishes - China Glaze Midtown Magic!

 This was from China Glaze's Fall 2011 Metro Collection. It has a blackened burgundy base with a plum or mahogany tone depending on the lighting. And it is filled with fine gold, orange and green sparkles. In dim lighting, it's beauty is mostly hidden as it appears black to others. But in the sun and flash, it's super gorgeous! I love how it has become my default dark polish because of its different looks in different occasions. It's best for fall/winter of course, but doesn't hurt to wear it as a funky spring polish!

It applies really well even though it can be streaky in its first coat. It generally requires 2-3 thin coats to achieve full opacity. Here, I also applied a top coat to bring out the fine glitters.

*all photographs taken by me


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