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April 4, 2012

Materialism has clearly wiped out my attempt at writing deep thoughts on this blog. So then I made my new "segment" (aka new blog tradition...I clearly watch too much SNL) - Want - where I put up stuff I want weekly. And of course, this week's want features Zara - my favorite affordable brand. Yet, what I'm about to show you is clearly "what I want if the only thing I do is sitting around all day not having to stand up or walk but the whole world will still notice them."

Yes you guessed it. Heels. Let's start with the basics. A very simple court shoe where you can wear to the most formal occasion ever. I have a similar pair with shorter heels and rounder toes. But I kinda regret not purchasing one with pointy toe. Pointy toe is hot. So I think I'll do DIY with that pair to make it better looking I guess. I saw a really cool DIY idea on Alicia's Cheetah is the New Black where she adds rhinestones on her heels. :D I'm already eying some gorgeous rhinestones on Etsy! Super cool, right?
Leather Court Shoe $79.90

Then there's the modified court shoes. The pastel yellow is a perfect color for spring and playful outfits. The cap-toe is definitely "in" this season. Plus, if someone accidentally steps on you...not a problem!

Court Shoe With Metal Toe Cap $129.00

Boots are not in season but mesh ankle boots? Totally wearable in this weather. (The heels? Not so wearable...) They don't have a picture of how it looks like in the front. But these are some hot stuffs that are cool for the majority of the time in a year. Pair em up with simple trench, short skirts, skinny jeans, or whatever.
Peep Toe Mesh Ankle Boot $129.00

Heels can also be hot. Ankle straps are shoes' best friend. It works on flats too I tell ya! These metallic sandals are extremely good looking and I would not pass up if I don't have to walk. Especially in a hot dress. These will increase your outfit's hotness to the max!
Ankle Strap Sandal $69.90

Colors are also a-mazing! I have no idea why these are named like this but again..ankle straps! :D The colors are simply eye-popping (I still don't like orange but these are cool). They also come in black if you want to go for a more classy look.
I Basic Sandal $49.90

I also have some dresses and accessories I wanted to share. But they'll have to wait. Again, if I didn't have to walk...these would be amazing options to decorate my feet...except I do.


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