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April 2, 2012

Hey! I haven't posted a nail polish post in more than a month?! What is this madness?

Viewer discretion  of (for those that are allergic to) massive amount/size of nail polish pictures coming up....skipped through ALL the photos! :P

So pretty much I haven't spent insanely amount of money for a broke college girl on nail polish. Good for me! Recently I purchased China Glaze's Aquadelic in their fairly new ElectroPop collection. There are actually a couple of amazing colors I wanna get from this collection.

Two layers of Aquadelic:

Please excuse my terrible application. But, what a beauty! Sadly, I couldn't capture the exact color of this polish. It is a lot greener than it looks on the camera. This picture makes it look like two other very similar polishes: China Glaze's For Audrey and Essie's Turquoise And Caicos (TAC is a lot sheerer apparently and requires many applications...but it's still a very pretty color). They are more of a Tiffany Co.'s blue (which looks exactly like what I have in the picture!! Ahh!!). But I altered the tone of the picture a little bit here to show the real color of how it looks like in person if you compare this to the picture above. Idk why it doesn't pick up the green at all on camera. :\

Even though this was still not right...(it looks blue-er in natural light and greener in dim light) But overall it's my version of a mint color! You can see additional swatches (including better swatches and comparisons!) of this collection here and here.

As I have mentioned previously, I have also purchased Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream, which came in a package with Ultra Facial Toner and Ultra Facial Cleanser. (The Cleanser wasn't with me when I went home and took this picture...too lazy to take another one. LOL.)

Any recently beauty purchases?

If you have noticed (in person...), I recently started watching a couple of shows. The ones I don't think I have mentioned explicitly are: Game of Thrones, Awake, How I Met Your Mother, The Walking Dead, and...??? But my list is pretty much always ever-growing. In contrast to Priya, I have never actually finished any shows. By "finish", I meant watching every episode of a TV show from the pilot to the finale of the whole series. First of all, I don't think I've seen that many TV shows that have been cancelled/ended. For the ones that I legitimately watched, there are pretty much just Heroes, Chuck, and...that's it? I think I'm just attracted to shows that are...ALIVE? LOL!

From time to time, I make a list for myself to see how many shows that I watch (legitimately) and make sure that I keep up with the ones that I want and kind of eliminate some. Since virtually no one reads this blog, I'm just gonna do it here because I don't wanna take up some space on my computer to do a notepad file that I will never be able to find again. Oh and can you believe it? I sometimes check my facebook about page to see what shows that I've left out...

"No plan to continue": Heroes, Chuck, Gossip Girl, Nikita, American Idol (lol!), that one episode of Lost,
"Need to catch up": Dexter, The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Sherlock, Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, How I Met Your Mother
"Totally up to date with these!!! ": (maybe 1 or 2 episodes behind but you get the idea) Awake, The Daily Show, Colbert Report, Late Night, SNL (not ALL the ep but all the new ones...), Bones, The Finder, White Collar, Napoleon Dynamite, Game of Thrones,
"I wanna watch": New Girl (I have it all downloaded!), The Office, Friends (of course after I finish HIMYM), Modern Family,

WAIT OMG I DID FINISH LIE TO ME!!!!! ONE SHOW!!! Sorry I just remembered by checking my facebook...

Remind me the ones I left out?

*all photographs taken by me

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