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May 17, 2012

I went to Ulta to wanting to pick up "Just Spotted the Lizard" (I blogged about it in a "want" post a while ago, it looks like Chanel Peridot) from OPI's Spiderman Collection. But I ended up getting this one instead. When I first saw the swatches of the OPI New York City Ballet Collection, I wanted to get "Don't Touch My Tutu". It's the off-white hue that does not have any warm/cold tone in this collection. But that one was sold out when I went. After testing out several sheer shades, I decided to get this one. It's about time for me to get a sheer nail polish. :P Maybe I'll go back and get Just Spotted The Lizard eventually...It's still on my pinky on my left hand and it looks wonderful.

This polish flows amazingly especially when you don't put too much on your brush when you apply it. I was always afraid of sheer polish not able to level off itself and thus looking clumpy on your nails. But this one is pretty awesome (as were all the other ones from this collection that I tried out). The color is a slate-leaning white that looks really milky.

(Sorry about how weird my pinky looks...That white thing in my nail is resulted from unknown reasons -.-) Two coats are thinly applied here. I was going to put on another coat but I was in a hurry. But I'm settling with this. :) It looks pretty cool especially when I'm wearing cool-toned clothes (don't I always!). There's also a glitter shade that comes with this collection. It looks great. You can see all the swatches of this collection here.

Oh, I'm at home now so I don't have a cool black background to take photos! So I decided to do pictures in my backyard. You can totally see how terrible my lawn is...all we do is mow it we never take care of it...

Song of the day! Outlaws of Love by Adam Lambert. This is clearly recorded by someone (I'm still skeptical about this SoundCloud account...it's probably not Adam himself?) while leaving the music on...so, excuse the sound quality + random typing in the middle...Anyway. Adam is fabulous!

*all photos taken by me

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