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May 16, 2012

I skipped last week cuz I was too busy. So now I'm gonna do a super long post. Well, technically, I'm still very busy. But I'm slowly getting used to summer pace of life =]

Song of the day: Shadow Days by John Mayer. His new album comes out 6 days!!! I already listened to all the previews on iTunes. So good (as expected)! =] Can't wait.

I'll start the post with some Zara stuffs. I NEED LIGHTLY COLORED DENIM. And destroys.

Zara Skinny Trousers with Zip at Hem in Fluorescent Yellow $49.90 // Zara Damages Denim $79.90

It's summertime and I desperately need some sandals. And this one resembles these Valentinos. And the beauty on the right looks just like these Jimmy Choos.
Zara Studded Sandal with Gemstones $129.00 // Zara Studded Slipper $49.90

Of course, what is a want post without tropical prints?!

Zara Shirt with Printed Sleeves $49.90 // Zara Printed Trousers $59.90 // Zara Tropical Print Bomber Jacket $59.90

The H&M Fall 2012 Collection is insanely gorgeous. I don't think I've ever liked an H&M collection this much. But of course, it's filled with tropical prints and other things that I love. It might be too early to look at coats but...these are just so amazing. I'm sure the one on the left would suit a taller person better but I really really love the long cut. The one on the right is pretty amazing too. Totally indie looking.
Dresses. The one on the left totally reminds me of Lady Gaga. Maybe it's because she wears coats shaped like this + Marry The Night music video and the ballerina and everything...Anyway. And I would also love to see some rivers flowing on my thighs and forearms! (That sounds wrong...but that dress is gorgeous...........yeah that's the point.)

I think another reason that I'm insanely attracted to this collection is because of all sorts of navy...otherwise I would never wear a shirt that looks like a cocoon and zebra hybrid...that cropped sweater on the right can be paired with a bright turtleneck thermal (yellow, for example) and wear whatever you want on the bottom to dress up or down.

Gold stuff! I really need a pair of well tailored pants. And this one seems to be a good option. Even though it will probably fit my mom better than me......And yes! Skirt that looks like something from the latest Dolce&Gabbana collection! I'll take anything that resembles Dolce&Gabbana...

At last, we need to accessorize. Choose between fantasy jewelries and bags that look like Celine, s'il vous plait.

It was fun hanging out with friends from high school last night. Did I mention I won a round of Uno? :P It's been forever since I touched those cards. I also saw The Hunger Games and The Avengers in the movie theater with friends. They were a-mazing! I've been going to work with mom recently. And I made some fun discoveries in things that I can do there. I'll blog about them later! I also have a nail polish post for tomorrow. :) OH! Almost forgot...I also have some really fun fashion editorials that I wanted to blog about! I still don't get Internet over the weekends when I'm in ATL...so...It'll be a while for me to post all about that. Haha. :P

*all Zara photos are from Zara's eshop. All H&M photos from here.

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