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May 25, 2012

After getting home really late on Wednesday...I have to head to ATL this afternoon AGAIN! I swear I don't like that place as much any more :P Well...if I had time to go shopping there.............it would be another story. So right after I got back I immediately downloaded John Mayer's Born and Raised, Haley Reinhart's Listen Up!, Kris Allen's Thank You Camellia, and Sara Bareilles's Once Upon Another Time - EP. I thought Kris's new album is so much better than his debut (time-pressured by the contract bc he was AI winner?). It shows that he's still exploring the specific genre that he is good at, but it sounds like he's definitely on the right track.

Songs of the day! I found John Mayer uploaded his entire album to SoundCloud...so here it is!

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