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November 18, 2012

My version of expressing myself is making fashion picture collages on a Saturday night...and running out of inspirations before I even start writing out the actual words. Damn. I do need a Moleskine like a friend suggested, drawing and writing down ideas along the way. Currently, I have these random folders on my desktop stuffed with things I want to blog about, yet I don't have time to focus and brainstorm about how to present them. It's just extremely inconvenient. I feel like going back to pencil and paper would actually be a step towards conserving time and energy on blogging, while expanding and refining my posts.

Blogging isn't a burden. It's like putting all the creativity onto a project that I invented for myself instead of taking orders. I guess that's why many artists are independent. It feels great minimizing outside influence on things I do. But it's also somewhat difficult. I thought about going into fashion and marketing and all that stuff before. But in a world of creativity and innovation, I'm not a pioneer. I'd be a better dentist, finding and fixing problems of things instead of trying to outsmart others. But this is definitely not something that I wouldn't give up. How many dentists run fashion blogs anyway?

Back to self-expression. Oh yes. I guess this is the promised ankle boots post. It has some other winter-appropriate footwear too. It is like, presenting the five sides of fashion of my liking. Consider this an invite to a peek of my life, not just fashion-wise, but in other aspects as well. (Well if you are not insterested just enjoy the fashion lol!)

All labeling goes clockwise from top left.

There are the most common mornings of my life where I am going for a hassle-free, drama-free, feeling-free day. No ups or downs. All I hope for is to go through the day without obstacles. This is like the smooth surface and design of these classic ankle boots from Opening Ceremony, Tod's, Maison Martin Margiela, Tod's, and ShoeMint. I am still adjusting to wearing  heels on a daily basis though, but apparently Tod's are quite comfy.

Well I wouldn't call this type of day "textured" (I put that on there just because there was a huge awkwardly empty space..duh). But they are those times when you are experiencing highs and lows from people and sometimes just random things. In the morning I would be completely glad about some really interesting class that I just had, and then in the afternoon I would be ticked off my the attitude of some cafeteria lady (this is just an example...doesn't happen that often LOL). I guess I would call it moody. Usually I keep it to myself and mind my own business. I completely love these shoes though, especially the plaid McQueens on the upper right. They actually have minor heels, but this top-down view is totally cool. These are from Pierre Balmain, MCQ Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, and See by Chloe.

Then there are the refined, precisely timed, and totally productive days. They are shiny, bright, and make me feel proud of myself. I might have also bragged a little on those days. Hehe. It's like wearing metallic shoes, you feel good and people know you feel good. It's a two-way street! These beauties are from Tod's, Miu Miu, Loeffler Randall, Doc Martens, and 3.1 Phillip Lim. I have to point out that the Miu Miu (of course!!!) ankle boots have this "shattered" effect if you look closely!

And...these are totally quirky. I spend a lot of days like this. They are the days that I feel the need to separate myself from the rest of the people. It's the sense of clinching to my own identity. I would feel grossed out when seeing people trying to conform. It's like the theme about these - their heels are all different from the rest of the shoe...Stella McCartney, Pour La Victoire, Maison Martin Margiela x H&M, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Jil Sander, and Chloe.

Lastly but not least, the FUN days! Need I explain more? Everyone has those days or moment that are totally awesome, fun, and you get compliments at just about anything! You feel like there's no limits to life, and that you could catch a star if you want. Top three from Balenciaga, the others from Toga Pulla and Isabel Marant. Since we are ending on the "fun" note, I am hoping to score some colorful lip products for Black Friday. Seeing it on many others make me want to try it on me on a daily basis, like, wearing no other makeup but bright lips. Cool, right?

I fell in love with this Canadian singer The Weeknd. He's gonna be the next Michael Jackson, yo!

*blog inspo from Steph, I guess!

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