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November 8, 2012

Sorry for everyone not into fashion, but it appears that my blog is slowing turning into a fashion blog. I am not worshiping a higher standard of living. Instead, I see it as admiring pieces of art that you get to wear on your body (if you are rich, that is). Of course, there are people who take these rather exorbitant items as means of displaying wealth. It is truly pathetic to see art being used for something else. *hint hint, Asian supermarket w all the old ladies in unattractive outfits with LVs* My finance professor coins them the "aspirationals", those who try to dress like the rich, as most affluent people actually do the opposite.

Yet this is not a declaration for a change of direction of this blog. It has always been sort of a getaway place from sources of stress in life, and it still will be. I often wish I could write more instead of posting pictures all day, but I am not a writer. I wish my words mean more than they do.

Now back to the original topic of this post - Maison Martin Margiela x H&M. You all know how obsessed I am with all the H&M collaborations. I first learned about them when I was still at the beginning stages of learning about fashion on my free time - when Lanvin x H&M came out and Susie Bubble was blogging about going to the launch party. I remember it was a lot of bright-colored, big-ruffled classic simple-yet-playful Lanvin. It was pretty huge. And then there were the Versace, Marni, and most recently, Anna dello Russo's (a personal style hero of mine) accessories collaborations. Every collection has its hits and misses, but I'd say I'm as ecstatic about this as me with Lanvin. There's the typical MMM modern urban homelessness and this time with a girlish twist. It is full of statement pieces worth checking out.

Of course my love resides with the almost-naked-looking bodysuit (double illusion much?), baggy jeans, and candy wrapper purse combo. Effortless fun is its name. I'm not a huge fan of nude pumps that went with the campaign photo, so I added the broken-heel black tall boots. You are going to see a lot of these heel illusions, my friend.
Modern homelessness at its finest - metallic reflective leggings inside of an enormous down coat. It is also advised to wear a sexy long shiny necklace with them for a ready to party homeless look. (I mean, outcasts totally put all their money on a secret diamond-filled jewelry...) Don't overlook that unpretentious tote...there's a secret pocket inside that folding on the front. And there we go again, the heel-lusion. This time, this totally "in" black bootie has transparent wedge heels that I've been lusting after since...I've showed so much cool transparent stuff on here I don't even know how long.
Just so you know, transparent heels also come in wine-colored tall boots. They would do great in winter with a black knee-long leather dress. What I really love about this dress is the straight neckline - totally adds sophistication. For added texture and warmth, wear a wool menswear-inspired coat.
MMM is the most winter-friendly designer collaborator ever. Look at this totally comfortable coat!!! Grey is almost my new favorite color for this fall for its sophistication and fade-out-ness. This coat/dress thing is totally elegant. And since these are all just in time for the holiday season, wear it with red patent heels (more heel-lusion bwahahaha) or glittery flats...oh wait, these aren't flats! They look broken-heeled, but actually have invisible heel on the inside. :O MIND-BLOWN. When I first saw these bags with pseudo gloves on them...I kinda got creeped out. (There is also a dress that have a fake sleeve on it that hangs in front of your boobs, no joke.) If you need actual gloves though, there is a good pair from Zara.
There are a lot of other homeless-friendly pieces (it's actually a huge collection, really) that I wish I had more space/time to share. But lastly, I'd love to try this not-just-an-average leather jacket on, except I don't think I can pull it off. You can also accessorize with your man-friend wearing this cool boot and printed sweater, also from this collection.

The Maison Martin Margiela x H&M collection will be in select H&M stores on November 15th. Imagine the long lines!

On a side note, I like Rihanna. But her recent songs have been either too boring or too depressing. This song is totally great though. I really look forward to her new album Unapologetic coming out on November 19th.

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