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March 26, 2013

I am by no means a politics guru. I rarely read political news - I get my major-events-that-are-happening feed from Twitter. But I become interested every once in a while in topics concerning government's involvement in civil liberties. Today Supreme Court is hearing arguments on California's Prop 8 (ban of same-sex marriage). Thus this post.

I believe same-sex marriage should be legal because:
  • We are all aware a lot of federal/state legislation do include words that regard marital status, something completely personal (among many many other things) that shouldn't have anything to do with the government.
  • If the government is involved in some of us's personal relationships (marriage, in this case), and we know that our government's involvement isn't going away any time soon, then it is only reasonable to let these legislation extend to all of those who want to have government in their personal relationships.
Some people don't believe in same-sex marriage because "marriage should be between a man and a woman" according to their belief, then my words to these people are:
  • What is your belief based upon? Some wild interpretations? Archaic thoughts from a bunch of archaic people who know so much less than we do in the 21st century (you can't blame them then!)? Then, see post banner.
  • If they are just homophobic, then, see post banner.
  • Or maybe they are OK with same-sex relationships, but they think same-sex couples shouldn't be able to get married. This leads to my third point/question: why is marriage regulated by the government again?!
Maybe I am just unconventional, but I think there should be "legal relationships" that the government get to deal with (since they are so obsessed with relationships), thus we get to keep to ourselves all the personal relationships. Let's be honest, our personal relationships are already extremely complicated without all the legal stuffs. My idea of a "legal relationship", resembling a legal marriage, would be for tax purposes and all those abstruse things that governments like to mess our heads with (I believe taxation is a very reasonable and useful invention, so I'm referring to the marital status that we have to check upon filing). But you see, this is all very impractical. So the government needs to leave us alone!!! So people can get married if they want to, without all the legalities, for love!

Sadly government is like, MUST COCKBLOCK!

*Red for marriage equality. If straight people get to suffer, why not sharing the fun?


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