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April 2, 2013

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's real tired of winter weather. Can't wait until this week is over so I can get my spring nail mail + new skirt.

A quick update on previous posts: I did finish reading The Hobbit! In fact, I did most of the book in a day. It was actually pretty entertaining! Now I finally know what's gonna happen in the next two movies. :P For the record, I kind of hate reading because either anxiety builds up and I can't wait that long to read about what happens next, or it's too boring I give up. But this book (combined with my current goal of trying to live as independently from Internet as possible) might have made me want to read more. :OOOOOOO Take a few minutes and let that sink in for ya...

I also watched Game of Thrones season premiere from this past Sunday. Not a particularly eventful episode, but the quick take-away from it is:
  • I'm glad Jon Snow is not being a pussy
  • I kinda like Margaery Tyrell now
  • Where the hell is Arya?! I better get some update on this next episode

*photographs taken by me

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