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May 8, 2013

Meant to post this last night, but I was too tired to move out of bed. I didn't take off my makeup before I slept. Tisk tisk.

So I moved out of Honors yesterday, and it was my last day living there. In fact, it was my last day living on campus, period. It was totally strange thinking about it. And I feel like I'm not gonna really miss it until I move in to my apartment in the fall. I decided that I should Instagram the whole day. I usually don't post intagram pictures on my blog because it defeats of the purpose of blogging, kinda. But this was a journey (sort of) that I want to share with you all.

It wasn't a particularly interesting day. And I definitely didn't Instagram as much as I wanted.

I had an exam this morning. It was stats, and it was my last one. I was mad at how they put my easiest one last (the one before this was on Friday.) So I had to wait this whole time to take it. But it allowed me to do all these random stuff before I left. I dressed for workout that morning, so I could go right after the test (as I've been going daily for a week and half). Scones from “The Buzz” is honestly the best food on campus. I got one to fuel my workout. (I need to learn how to make them this summer.) Well, the test was easy and I didn’t bother to check my ansers (first one to come out of a stats test, as always; and I needed a 60 to ace the class). So that was my happy face for being done with all my exams.

Got to the gym and did my gym routine - running, biking, rowing, and then walk really fast on this "green" treadmill. I really love that treadmill because 1. it doesn't require electricity; 2. you burn more calories on it; 3. you just feel better using it because of the curved shape. I actually dread running and definitely can't run on treadmills. So I do the indoor track for a mile and a couple more laps until I get tired/bored (told ya I hate running...). Then I bike for four, row for 2k, and walk on this treadmill really fast (like, 4 miles/hr) for one. It really isn't a hardcore workout, because 1. I can't do it...I suck at this; 2. I don't want to drain my whole day's worth of energy...But it is fun once I get pass the running.

Then I came back and showered and I obviously didn't know what kind of pictures I should've taken...And as usual, I spent forever on hair, body lotion, and makeup. At last, I was dressed for moving-out day. It was nice and sunny outside for once!!!! I went to say goodbye to my mentor, but he wasn't there. So I picked up lunch & went by OPPA (Office of Pre-Professional Advising). See, I got these free books at OPPA and that was awesome. I then managed to snap a picture of my gift for my roommate (when she was not in the room, of course, because I hadn't given it to her yet) - she will be going to Romania this Sunday and for the rest of May, I believe. I thought this would be a thoughtful gift so she could read it on the plane. And then it started randomly pouring outside...

Lastly, I was tearing the room apart for like 2 hours. I will definitely miss Ryan Reynolds on my door though. I left him there because this page (torn from a People magazine when I was in high school) is too beat up to keep any more. And before Jennifer left, we managed to snap a pic of our last day rooming together. I forgot to take a pic of the empty room, though, as I was too busy moving everything to the van.

Time definitely pasted too quickly for these last two years. I typed up a sentimental post last weekend, but decided it's too sad to fit this occasion. When I was done with exams, even though they were easy for me this semester, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. So no negativity for a while on this blog. :) I wanted to sum up some great things that happened:
  • I underestimated myself when I signed up for this semester's schedule, that's for sure. It is a good thing because I definitely had more than enough time to manage school stuff. Next semester, I am challenging myself though. But it's gonna be awesome.
  • I was a beast at ochem so I will be a TA next semester! I didn't know where the motivation came from though. Becasue for ochem 1 in the fall, I was totally studying last minute for every exam, and got by because the final was easy. 
  • And because of this random motivation from ochem, I became overachieving. (Is this a good thing? I guess.) So I didn't procrastinate that much at all for all my classes.
  • I got off meal plan. Yes, that is one of the greatest decisions I've made.
  • I signed a lease! It made me feel like an adult. And I look forward to not having to live in a "cell".
  • I read some books! A very un-Eileen move, really.
  • Well, at the end of the semester, I finally started working out.
I can't think of anything else off the top of my head. How did yall's semester go? Are you looking forward to the next two years of college (if you're gonna be a junior, obviously)? You better be.

*title photo is from the film The Great Gatsby, releasing on May 10th


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