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November 3, 2013

Everything's from current season Zara kids. If you're petite, you'll fit in the largest sizes of these. I didn't know my exact sentiments when I created these, but I am guessing it really hit close to home. You know that I'm not keen to dress like the mom of a certain baby North. In fact, I'm the opposite - I would dress just like the baby! There is surprisingly not enough coverage of possibly the best-baby-wardrobe-ever. No no, I do believe it's actually a good thing that the child is hidden away from those flashing lights. But I'm curious and all. You see, I felt like I hit the jackpot when I discovered earlier this weekend that my true wardrobe inspiration was laying with the kids' collections - comfortable is my middle name. (No kidding, my middle name actually starts with a C.) All these outfits I picked out are perfect with the softest flats like a pair of the very trendy Valentino rockstud flats in every possible color or, for added spice, some Alexander Wang mules. Shoes define the attitude of an outfit that's why I am a total shoe addict.

Psychoanalyzing myself right now after a sudden depression episode. But then I decided it's best to leave out the negativity especially after it's gone for the moment.  Though I want to mention the roots of my misery are never about specific persons, more of collectives of things, that happen to erupt in harmony, disrupting a peace of mind.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone and a great week!


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