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November 10, 2013

Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014 Collection

It's Sunday, which means none of us is ready for Monday. I, at this precise moment, am thinking about a presentation tomorrow afternoon that I have yet a clue where to start. All I have is a 1936 exhibition catalog in hand and lots and lots of coffee. Back to the meaning of Sunday...Sunday is for comfy clothes and comfort food and that "looking like a caveman but I don't care" attitude. (Actually have to have some social interactions later this afternoon...damn it!) This is where Stella McCartney comes in. My favorite things from her are always the comfy modern urban track outfits. If you are looking for the refined-yet-relaxed look, seek no further! Meanwhile, I also really like her chic little airy feminine [insert more adjectives] dresses. But there's no time for that today.

Random fact, I persuaded my dad to get Stella by Stella McCartney por mi madre last Christmas. It was a hit. (We spent like 30 min at the back of Sephora, fgs.) This year, I recommended mom another designer fragrance. It just became her new signature scent. So...great success on my part! Can you guess which one it is?


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