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December 2, 2013

Feeling miserable at the moment, probably because of finals approaching and ongoing personal problems along the lines of low self-esteem, I thought it would be a good idea to update this little blog since I haven't had a personal post in forever. So this, on the left, is my schedule for my second semester junior year. I'm quite happy with how easily I got to pick my classes like a month ago and with how nicely balanced it turned out to be. On top of all these classes, I will also be working on my senior thesis proposal. I recently talked to my current art history professor, who is the chair of the art department, and he agreed to be my mentor for the thesis in a heartbeat. Like, literally. That one time, I just started mentioning senior thesis when we were talking and he just straight up asked me if I wanted him to be my mentor. So yeah. Glad it's all working out.
I bought a whole lot of stuff this past week so maybe I'll do a haul post soon (pretty much after finals...)! I won another giveaway last week (my luck this year is topsss) and my prize is a pair of boots. Can't wait until they arrive!

It's 12 in the morning. I still have a paper due tomorrow, a final exam, and like, numerous other things waiting to be done. Plus I'm living on 3 hours of sleep. Til next time! x


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