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January 9, 2014

Recently, I got a little bored with fashion. Say whaaaaaat?

As much as I love black and white and grey outfits (heck, I just bought two pairs of black shoes today after receiving one black pair three days ago...and a black skirt yesterday?), I feel like fashion bloggers/mags are being boring recently. I know that oversized coats are a thing, birks are a thing, monotones in winter are a thing (?!), airport fashion is a thing (like what? It's always skinny jeans, ankle chelseas, cozy knits, plus a designer bag), but being plain and boring and generic IS NOT A THING. Posting repetitive outfits is so not inspirational and I'm blaming fashion media for lack of outfit inspirations lately. It feels like as if the polar vortex (totes a thing...hell no) froze off everyone's creativity. And I think there are looks that you can call a "blogger look" because so many wear a similar look. If I were to be a legit fashion blogger, I would definitely seek out interesting pieces that are not overly popular, EVEN IF they're black and white pieces (examples see below)

far left & right Vanessa and Samantha Traina both photographed by Vanessa Jackman; mid left Alexander Wang on sale; mid right Lanvin on (major) sale

And "it pieces". Like, those pieces are totally cool when one person or a couple are wearing it. But when EVERYONE has it, it's not interesting anymore. Like, the Balenciaga cutouts, or Isabel Marant western-ish studded sandals (forgot the exact name). They do look really great. But then, I think the logic behind it is: since a couple of bloggers really loved it, everyone thought they would be timeless pieces so everyone bought them. To me, there are notable pieces, like a Hermes Kelly, one that you recognize in an instant but then not everyone has it yet it remains timeless throughout the years; and then there are overly-hyped pieces. One day, you are gonna look at one of those hyped pieces and be like, back in the day when blah blah was a thing...and the certain blah blahs would be sitting in your closet begging for another day out and about.

Another thing is, since ALL fashion bloggers (pretty much, almost) are tall and skinny, it doesn't mean their clothes will look good on YOU, who are not tall and skinny. As far as I know, I will not rock backless silky dresses like Margaret would, because they're meant for her frame. I will not rock suit pants like Camille would because I'm short and chubs. I will not rock boyfriend jeans because I'm short and I can't wear heels on a daily bases to look taller in order to wear those things. Giant coats don't work for me either because there's no place to put it when I get to school everyday.

In the end, it's cold and miserable out, so wear something that pops to make your day (and everyone else's) day better.

most of these are photographed by Vanessa Jackman; Leandra in red leather jacket is from her own blog; Mira in yellow suit source unknown; pink sweater outfit is photographed by Tamu McPherson

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