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October 15, 2011

Today's song:

Oohs and Ahhs - Needtobreathe (Spotify)

After listening to the album, this song and Maybe They're On to Us are like the two songs that stood out to me. Glad Needtobreathe is back. Fun fact of the day: They are from SOUTH CAROLINA. OH SNAPS. #scpride

Anyway. So my day was occupied by a silly chem lab report (it wasn't even about chemistry + it took literally the WHOLE day!), calling credit card company, and some chitchat w/ buds. Nothing really fresh. OH, I feel much better now,  thanks to my friends' concerns.

I saw an article saying something like optimism is due to brain defect? WTF? Only people w/ brain defect would research on this kind of stuff! I tell ya!

Yeah. So pretty much nothing REALLY happened today. Goodbye.

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